Which Chatting Apps to Try in 2023? Suggested by Livebeam

Chat platforms offer a simple approach to communicating with your online connections and also facilitate online chatting and meeting new friends.

When you’re with your friends, communication seems simple and stress-free. It is simple to make a joke, get a smile out of them, or release tension. When you meet a new individual, everything becomes so complicated. You start to deliberate on your speech and presentation. You begin to wonder, “Can this offend the person? ” and “Did I just come out narcissistic? Will a joke be inappropriate here?”. At that point, a straightforward “what’s up?” turns into a mathematical issue.

Most of us were taught as children to be suspicious of strangers, but understanding the famous quotation of Rita Gelman will help you get why, as an adult, chatting to strangers is not a terrible thing: “If you don’t talk to strangers your life is so limited.”

This does not, however, imply that you should approach strangers carelessly. The benefit of conversing with strangers is discovering novel concepts and making friends with intriguing individuals. It would help if you practiced online safety while you interact with strangers. You and the maker of the chatting app or platform, like Livebeam, are accountable for your online security.

Why Should You Join Livebeam?

Livebeam is an international platform, where friendships are formed, and loneliness or boredom are reduced. You get to engage and meet people from all backgrounds, cultures, and countries. By enabling its visitors to view multiple engaging streams, Livebeam goes above and beyond in terms of entertainment. In this manner, they combined communication with entertainment.

Given below are 3 main reasons to join Livebeam:

  • Verified Users

Livebeam makes sure that only actual, real creators utilise the platform and sign up. A dedicated team of experts screen every user on the platform to ensure no phony profiles sign up. This goal is to protect users and give them the best possible experience. You believe that actual people, not bots or time wasters, will be the ones with whom you interact and share your thoughts and feelings.

  • Safety Of Your Personal Information

When you register on Livebeam, you provide personal information that is never disclosed to a third party without your permission. Your profile information, email address, and other personal information shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands, according to Livebeam. It is crucial to use messaging software that protects this data.

On Livebeam, no one can see what you are saying unless you share the information yourself. Additionally, attacks from hackers are prevented.

  • Protection From Cyber-Bullying

Every user’s safety is taken seriously by Livebeam, and any instances of cyberbullying or abuse are dealt with right away if they are discovered. Any profile or user that seems to be encouraging abusive behavior can always be reported.

Other Platforms To Join For Chatting:

  • Telegram

People utilise this platform to communicate with one another. Other users can join the channels you build. It offers a variety of functions and enables users to create media and groups for information sharing. A phone number is required to sign up for Telegram.

Telegram tends to create a secure environment. Hackers cannot access messages, and users’ information is never shared with third parties.

  • Whatsapp

This software is used for calls and messages. There are few strangers here, but you can meet them before switching to WhatsApp on other sites. You may be confident that the messages you share with users on this platform, like many others, are secure. Your shared information on the site is equally secure from hackers and con artists. To sign up for this site, you need a working phone number.

  • Facebook Messenger

You can make calls and send texts using this platform. Additionally, you can use Messenger if you already have a Facebook account. This platform protects user information, and false profiles are removed through screening. Just be careful not to click links from strangers when using the platform since hackers may use this technique to steal your passwords and information.

Facebook provides a reporting function that you can utilise to alert the platform if someone impersonates you.

  • Viber

You can communicate with strangers on this other chat platform as well. Viber lets you send worldwide contacts private messages and chats. If admins approve, you may create or join groups. You can permanently ban or report someone if they start acting abusively against you or anyone else you speak to.


Your level of security depends greatly on your online actions and caution. Protecting yourself online keeps you secure both physically and virtually. Livebeam is concerned about your safety and has taken numerous precautions to minimize scam activity.

The community on Livebeam provides a forum for exchanging ideas and a sense of personal security. It puts user safety first by forcing all users to go through an authorisation procedure before they can register.

Livebeam works to provide a welcoming environment where people can meet new people and form friendships. But the platform has its limitations. You are responsible for protecting any additional personal information that you might give away and endanger your safety. If you feel intimidated or uneasy about someone else’s behavior, keep sensitive information to yourself, and if things get out of hand, report it to the Livebeam support service.

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