Elontalks Com {Aug} What Services Provide, Legitimacy!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Elontalks com, an AI video creation website with customizable Elon Musk clips.

There is much software surfaced in the market using artificial intelligence. AI opens many doors of possibilities in many fields. One such field is animation. Recently elontalks.com website was launched. Unlike the name suggests, it is not related to some message given by Elon. Elontalks.com became popular in the PhilippinesIndonesia, and Malaysia soon after its launch. 

But, before using the website for creating customized videos, would you like to know its legitimacy? Let’s scrutinize Elontalks com.

About elontalks.com:

The website elontalks.com is a fun-filled website showcasing samples of six videos of Elon Musk. The videos are featured as a sample and are AI templates that can be customized by including text-to-speech messages.

Elontalks.com displayed automated AI video editing on its home page. The users can include a message that they want Elon to say. Next, the user can select any one video template from the six templates available. 

The website uses Coqui.ai text-to-speech AI to convert the message you typed into Elon’s voice. Several versions of voices are specific to video templates on Elontalks.con. Once the message is converted to the audio file, the website proceeds with Wav2Lip software that makes lip movements of Elon to match the message in the audio file.

Finally, the audio and video files are clubbed together, and a clip is created that can be imported directly from elontalks.com to user devices! The outcome of the video clip is fantastic as it looks like Elon is speaking the message you had typed.

Though the video clip is automatically created with a click of a button, there is a long wait time for the video to generate due to hundreds of video creation requests in the queue.

The legitimacy of Elontalks com:

Elontalks.com was registered in Ontario, Canada, on 31st May 2022. It is two months and six days old. The website has a short life expectancy as it will expire within nine months and twenty-four days on 31st May 2023.

Elontalks.com gained a terrible trust index of 1%. However, it is not blacklisted. Elontalks.com uses a secured https protocol, and its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 298 days. 

Elontalks.com mentioned its privacy policy clearly. However, the terms and conditions and customer service contact number are not present. Only an email address – contact@elontalks.com is included on Elontalks com

Further, the identity and contact number of Elontalks.com’s owner are unknown. Due to this reason, Elontalks.com is considered suspicious. The majority of traffic for Elontalks.com is coming from Indonesia.


Elontalks.com reviews conclude that it is not a legitimate website. Elontalks.com has a terrible trust score, a medium Alexa rank of 683,590, and a short life expectancy. Further, the video creation requests take a long time, and some time exceeds one hour. Elontalks.com uses the videos and voice of Elon Musk to create customized clips, which indicates unauthorized video creation.

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