12 Best Language Learning Apps 2022: Compared

12 Best Language Learning Apps 2022:: English is a global language that facilitates communication with people all over the world. English is also a tool for us to use in our quest for better opportunities in life. Nowadays, there are numerous ways for you to learn English and improve your English skills. You can, for example, look for  tutor near me  using a platform like  AmazingTalker,  or you can try language learning apps.

Let’s take a look at a few of the apps we recommend for learning Serbian, Thai, English, or any new language.


  • Best for Learning from Videos and Sounds

FluentU transforms entertaining videos into incredible language learning experiences. 

The videos have tappable subtitles, which allowed me to hear the pronunciation of words. There is a short quiz at the end of each video.

Annual billing: US$19.99 per month

Monthly billing: US$29.99

14-day free trial available


  • Best for Learning by Images, Sounds and Exercises.

Duolingo, created by language experts, prepares you for real-life conversations in Spanish, French, English, and other languages. 

The service provided at no cost is incredible. The only disadvantage was the application employs a translation system, which meant the answers provided in some of the questions had to be 100 percent correct.

$6.99/month for Duolingo Plus


  • Best for Learning from Videos and Sounds

The amount of learning material available on YouTube is unfathomable. I don’t use YouTube as my primary language learning app, but it has helped me understand words that were unclear at the time and different ways to pronounce words. 

YouTube had every language I could think of, as well as excellent learning material.

Free of charge


  • Best for Learning by Images, Sounds, Videos and Exercises.

With many language learning apps available, official courses and user-created courses are offered, the content selection is vast.

The ability to see a person’s mouth move is fantastic.

Memrise is for users of all skill levels.

Free of charge

Pro version: US$8.49/month 

Rosetta Stone

  • Best for Learning by Images, Sounds and Exercises.

The Dynamic Immersion® method combines interactive and contextual language lessons with Extended Learning features. It is completely ad-free and easy to use.

Provide you with an intermediate education in any language they offer. Rather than generating languages, the app focuses on recognizing them.

 US$12.00 per language selected 


  • Best for Learning by Images, Sounds and Exercises.

Courses are self-paced, you can track your progress, create flashcards, chat with tutors. With MosaLingua Premium, each course is made by a set of flashcards, no quizzes or exams.

MosaLingua Premium (free trial, then a yearly subscription for US$59.90/year (US$4.99/month)


  • Best for Learning by Images, Sounds and Exercises.

Learn languages with free, fun language lessons: memorizing core words, form sentences, learn phrases and participate in conversations.

Language exercises for 4 skills, with a dictionary, verb conjugator and state-of-the-art speech recognition technology

1 language for a month: US$9.99/month

1 language for a year: US$47.99/year

33 languages for a year: US$479.99/year 

Bravolol Travel Phrasebook

  • Best for Translations while traveling

The app will speak phrases tapped aloud to you. Tap the snail/turtle icon to slow down the pronunciation speed. Listen to a native speaker before recording and replaying your voice to practice speaking. 

While traveling, you can use the app to speak to locals. 

It comes with a great Dictionary!

Free of charge


  • Best for Chatting and Meeting people from around the world. Social Platform.

Its primary function is to connect you with native speakers. The search tab will initially display users who are registered in the language you want to learn. You’ll be able to narrow down your user search by age, region, and city.

Monthly subscription: US$2.99

Yearly subscription: US$21.99


  • Best for Learning by Images, Sounds and Exercises.

Maximize your learning success by mixing activities: interactive lessons, podcasts, short stories, games and more.

Most of Babbel consists of fill-in-the-blank exercises, matching words to images and repeating words into the microphone. 

Not suitable for Intermediate, Advanced learners.

Around US$13 a month (US$7/month for annual subscription)

3 and 6 month options available

  • Best for Learning by Images, Sounds, Videos and Exercises.

Busuu incorporates a social component into self-teaching.

The community aspect, in which users can have their exercises graded by native speakers.

Busuu is a fantastic app with a combination of self-paced study, live classes with expert tutors, practice with 120 million native speakers worldwide 

Monthly: US$15.00

6 months: US$80.00

Yearly: US$100.00

Language Transfer

  • Best for Learning with Sounds.

The Language Transfer’s audio courses serve as a great introduction to the nine languages currently available. They go into great detail about how each language works, the major grammar points, the tools required to learn independently and intuitively. 

All of the courses are designed for beginners

Free of charge

Language Learning Apps Are Beneficial, But Not Enough 

The Language Learning apps mentioned above are excellent starting points for English learners. However, English classes near me with private tutors are more practical and expedient in reaching fluency.

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