Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Report: How Did She Die? Also Check Her Funeral Service And Cause Of Death!

This article will inform you of the current status of Eliza Fletcher’s death and Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Report, and the complete death mystery.

Did Eliza Fletcher’s body found? What does the autopsy report of her body say? After the kidnapping report of Eliza Fletcher, the Criminal is caught by the police after finding a piece of DNA on Eliza’s sandals.

The United State Authority stated that research was ongoing, but recently they reported that a dead body was found rotting in a vacant house in Memphis. The investigation clarified many details. Follow this article to read more about Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Report and her death mystery. 

Current Status

While searching for the body of Eliza Features, the police of Memphis found a bag containing blue colour shorts that are supposed to be of Eliza. They also found a dead body getting rotten, giving off an awful smell.

When the body was sent for the autopsy report, it was clear that the body was of Eliza, who the Abston kidnaped. Additional information from her autopsy is not revealed yet. Authorities said they would enlighten more when the correct information if recovered. Keep reading and grab more data related to Eliza murder.

Eliza Fletcher Funeral Service

The family of Eliza Fletcher announced that a Funeral would be held on saturday in Second Presbyterian Church at 10 AM. They share condolences and love for her daughter. The family also requested that her memorial be delivered to the Lisa Wellford Fletcher Memorial fund at Saint Mary School, Christ Methodist school and Second Presbyterian Church.

Her husband, Richard James Fletcher 3rd and her two sons Richard James Fletcher 4th and Harry Wellford Fletcher, will be attending her death ceremony along with the parents of Eliza, Adele Orgill and James Beasley.

Cause Of Death Eliza Fletcher

After returning from prison, Serial killer Abston tried to kidnap Eliza while she was running near Memphis University. She was forced by the kidnapper Abston to get in the SUV vehicle but in the Clash dropped little evidence near the crime spot.

The kidnapper carried away Eliza, but there was no sign of her body. During the search of the local police, they found a garbage bag with shorts that she wore on the day of the kidnapping. They also detect a rotting smell near a vacant house where they found the dead body of Eliza. 

Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Report is under police protection. They did not enclose the complete information about her death; however, they verified that the body they found near the vacant house was of Eliza. More information is yet to be enclosed by the authority.


The dead body of Eliza was found near the vacant house. Police send the body to an autopsy report where the body’s confirmation was done, but more information is not revealed.

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