Tips To Size An Electric Bike

Getting the right e-bike size is crucial if you intend to ride in comfort as you commute to work or explore your preferred destination. You will not be enjoying any bike rides if you consistently ride a wrongly sized electric bicycle. E-bike sizing can be tricky, considering the vast differences in general height and body size. This makes it imperative to get the right size for your body proportions when getting an electric bike. 

Depending on your unique proportions, you may feel there may not be a bike to accommodate you. Towards that end, we are here to help you fit yourself out with the perfect e-bike for your size. With some help, there are steps to take and measurements you should be familiar with. These will ensure you are measuring yourself correctly and getting the actual numbers for your approximate e-bike size. 

Sizing Properly For An E-bike 

Measuring yourself to fit an e-bike is simple, and you can get going in a few easy steps. The ideal thing is to know the right body parts to measure and ensure to do it correctly. Getting your actual size to work with an e-bike entails the following:

  • Accurate Measurement Of Your Leg Length

Calculating your leg length will help you know if you can use the pedals comfortably when riding. Accurate measurement of how long your legs are can help you determine your standover height, which makes it pretty important. To do this correctly, you need a tape measure, someone to take the measurement, and a flat surface beside a wall to stand. 

When you are ready to measure, stand in front of the wall and face the person with the tape measure. Ensure that you are standing upright with legs fully extended while the measurement is done on the outer side of one leg. The inner side of your leg is saved for later when you have to measure your standover height. Tell the person measuring you to try to get more than one reading for accuracy. Ensure the tape measure is as close to your leg as possible for a more correct reading. Once you have the right measurement, note it somewhere not to forget. When you want to measure against an e-bike, ensure your leg length is calculated between the minimum and maximum adjustable height of your e-bike saddle. 

  • Accurate Measurement Of Your Height

If you are going to get an accurate height measurement, you have to start by knowing your ID card may not be so proper for this. You need to get your current height measurement, and you can get a friend to do this with a tape measure or go to your doctor’s. To do this, you need the same tools as before: a tape measure, someone to take your measurement, and a flat surface beside a wall to stand. 

Once you are ready, step on the flat surface facing away from the wall with your friend standing in front of you. Stand as close to the wall as possible. Be fully upright with your heels and the back of your head touching the wall. Your friend stretches the tape from the top of your head to your feet or from the ground up. Either way should work correctly. Having more than one reading improves the chances of getting a perfect one.

Use the tape to measure the surface of the wall you cover. Once you get a correct measurement, note it somewhere for later reference. 

  • Accurate Measurement Of Your Standover Height 

Your standover height is the total distance between the ground and your posterior. This ability is useful for if you have to stop riding abruptly. This is why you should determine the right bike for yourself by using the correct standover height measurement. To do this, you need a tape measure, someone to take your measurement, a hardcover book or flat piece of wood, and a flat surface beside a wall.

What you want to measure is the inner side of your legs, like measuring your inseam. You stand in front of the wall facing either way. The tape measure has to reach the lower part of your torso from the ground for accuracy and ensure you have enough space. The standover height is calculated so that you can stand securely on the ground with your feet planted when you stand up from your cargo bike

A quick way of calculating your standover height is to remove approximately an inch from your leg length measurement. Another is to take in-seam measurements of your pants and add an inch or more to get correct standover height measurements. Additionally, a quick hack is to get a tape and measure for the  commuter bike. If you can make sure the bike’s standover height is a bit shorter than your calculated standover height, you’re good to go. 

  • Other Things To Note

Accuracy is essential if you are going to get the correct measurements for your e-bike purchase. To get the most accurate results, ensure you take more than one reading to arrive at the most accurate reading. The ground you choose to stand on should be hard and even get the correct height and leg length measurements. 

If you get a KBO e-bike, you get to enjoy being able to adjust your seat in several directions to improve comfortability during rides. Check out other features that adapt the electric bike to your specific requirements, like the rear rack with a high payload capacity. How can you have fun riding when you’re not in comfort? 

In Conclusion

E-bike sizing is important if you intend to ride the perfect size for your body. After taking your correct measurements, you should endeavor to test it on your preferred e-bike to know if you made the right choice. You may have to ride for a while to determine your level of comfort. If it feels comfortable but not nearly enough, it may just be your saddle and handlebars that need adjustment.

Luckily, KBO e-bikes leave enough room for adjustment to finesse the last bits of discomforts you may be experiencing and have space for fun. 

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