Did Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde Split Up – Have They Break Up: Is He Started Dating Taylor Swift?

The article discusses the essential news Did Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde Split Up and light up the present situation from the current event and information.

Have you heard the new breakup rumour between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles? The news occurred after the celebrity duo met at the Venice film festival. Many United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada fans are interested in this news.

In Venice, Olivia and Harry attend Olivia’s upcoming movie, “Don’t Worry Darling”. But suddenly may discuss Did Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde Split Up instead of the new movie release event.

What do you know about Break-up News? 

The rumor occurred when Harry and Olivia didn’t sit together at the same event. Even much camera evidence proved that both celebrities didn’t speak to each other in this glorious moment. For this reason, many people in the United States think the celebrity duo will break up.

But still, there is no official confirmation has come. Many experts say that Olivia and Harry still didn’t announce the separation news this month. For this reason, the experts think it is just a rumor.

Did Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Break Up

But there is another theory is also there. Many people saw actor Chris Pine sitting between Harry and Olivia. Generally, when the actor duo attends this type of event, they wear similar types of dress or colour. But in Venice, Harry wore the deep blue suit. On the other hand, Olivia wore a gorgeous yellow colour dress.

Many also said, at this event, Olivia had a special moment. Her movie Don’t Worry Darling was premiering at this event. But still, Olivia didn’t share any talk with Harry. For this reason, the break theory is going on.

Did Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde Split Up

Many people think that Harry and Olivia came in public shape just a few days back together. But suddenly, they stop talking, that is the big question. People think Harry and Olivia are separated because of this lack of interaction.

The incident has confirmed the breakup news. That is when many saw Harry get intimate with another actor Nick Kroll. In this movie, Nick is also acting with Olivia. Even many experts in this trade saw Nick and Harry together for many moments. Even in Venice, Nick and Harry also shared a special moment with each other. Many also ask Did Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Date or not?

Why is the News Circulating? 

Many news media also published news on the matter. Even many news portals published that Harry and Olivia came to Venice separately. Many fans posted about the breakup news on social media platforms. For this reason, many strongly believe the separation news has some actual evidence.


We can say there is considerable evidence that shows both Harry and Olivia got separated. The actor duo didn’t feel comfortable at the joint photo session in Venice. Both ignored to stand together at the festival or didn’t share a similar podium. For this reason, many ask, Did Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde Split Up

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