David Depape Pelosi Attacker: Find Who Attacked Paul Pelosi Husband, And Explore If David Depape Facebook, And TWITTER Account Reveal Anything!

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Yesterday on 28th October 2022, the residents of Berkeley were horrified by the attack on Paul Pelosi. Paul is the husband of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house in the USA. Paul was attacked by David Wayne DePape, a resident of Berkeley, which made a piece of trending news Worldwide

Do you know who David is? What did the police say? Let’s look at the motive behind David Depape Pelosi Attacker.

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About the attack on Paul Pelosi:

David rushed into the speaker’s house, shouting, ‘Where is Nancy? Where is Nancy?’ Nancy was in Washington, DC, at the time of the attack. While Nancy is in Berkeley, the security of her house is high. However, as she was not present on Friday at Berkeley, there was less security at her house.

Paul came near the entrance of the house upon hearing David shouting. David took out a hammer and attacked Paul. Within a few minutes, the security marshals present at the house rushed. They disarmed David and arrested him. 

Who Attacked Paul Pelosi Husband?

David Wayne DePape, a 42 years old resident of Berkeley, attacked Paul Pelosi. It was too late by the time police arrested him. Paul suffered severe injuries due to the attack. At the same time, David also suffered injuries while struggling with security marshals. Paul was taken to the San Francisco General Hospital. 

David was booked in a local jail at 1:27 PM on Friday on the charges of attempted homicide, felony, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Health condition of Paul:

Doctors informed that Paul had a fractured skull and injuries on his right arm affected by David Depape Pelosi Attacker. The doctors successfully operated on his fractured skull and treated his injuries. The doctors said that Paul would make a full recovery. However, the doctors are extra cautious due the age of Paul.

Health condition of David:

David is currently getting treatment at the hospital. He sustained minor injuries and is expected to recover soon.

One of the residents of California, Linda Schneider, said she came to know David approximately 8 years back. He was too shy and did not even step out of his house to visit the bank as he was terrified of speaking to the teller. David Depape TWITTER account is unknown. 

Another resident of California, Laura Hayes, informed that she knew David approximately 10 years ago. David did not make eye contact, and he was odd. David used to say that he spoke to angels, and they said that hard times were coming.

David used to live at a warehouse in Berkeley. He informed Linda that he was struggling with hemp. He used to make hemp bracelets and earn his livelihood by selling them.

Linda informed that she used to receive emails from David about various conspiracies and references to biblical texts and antisemitism. David Depape Pelosi Attacker encouraged violence and included threatening comments in the emails. Hence, she stopped communicating with him.

In contrast to David’s odd and shy personality, David was tapped to be the best man in 2013 at the wedding of an activist, Gypsy Taub, at San Francisco City Hall. David openly supported not wearing clothes in public. 

David Wayne Depape Facebook:

The Facebook account of David was blocked on Friday, 28th October, after the incident. David was a blogger too. On his Facebook pages, David had blogs such as ‘Hitler did not do anything wrong, David Depape Facebook posts on various conspiracies around government and rich private firms censoring facts on the internet, posts related to antisemitism, and election fraud in 2020.

Additionally, the posts included conspiracies such as Covid vaccine being deadly, the plan of the rich and elite community to take control of the common man’s money, the death rate being promoted as per the government, Capitol riots, Etc.

The reaction of David’s relatives:

David’s uncle was shocked and speechless. He hoped the incident would turn out to be a scam, and he never expected to hear anything like this. 

Gene DePape, David Depape Pelosi Attacker stepfather, said that David spent his childhood at Powell River in British Columbia. Later, when he was 20 years old, he entered a relationship and moved to California.

David’s twin sister, Joanne Robinson, a resident of New Zealand, messaged she was deeply saddened.

His relatives informed that David had estranged from his family many years back. They confirmed that the Facebook account blocked by the police belonged to him.

Note: We are just providing information based on online sources, not personally blaming anyone.


The initial investigations show that David was obsessed, influenced, or disturbed by the political atmosphere. He was also interested in conspiracies related to climate change and antisemitism and supported not wearing any clothes in public. As David Depape Pelosi Attacker is hospitalized, the police are yet to have a 1:1 talk with him, after which the real motive behind the attack will be revealed.

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David Depape Pelosi Attacker – FAQ

Q.1 When did David attack Paul Pelosi?

In the morning on Friday, the 28th of October 2022.

Q.2 What was the motive behind the attack on Paul Pelosi?

It was a targeted attack, and David searched for Nancy Pelosi. David’s motive behind the attack is getting investigated. Click here to know more.

3Q. Q.3 What was the profession of David?

Davidsold hemp jewellery and bracelets, which he made at this residence.

Q.4 What is the health update about Paul?

The doctors had successfully operated on Paul’s fractured skull bones and treated injuries on his right arm. 

Q.5 Who is David Depape Pelosi Attacker?

David is a 42-year-old man and a resident of Berkeley who moved from BC approximately two decades ago.

Q.6 What did doctors say about Paul’s recovery?

Doctors informed that Paul is expected to make a full recovery. However, they are cautious as skull injury is dangerous, and Paul is an elderly person.

 Q.7 What is the status of his social media accounts?

The Twitter account of David is still unknown. His Facebook account was blocked after he was booked as David Depape Pelosi Attacker.

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