Ccar2 Contract Address (Feb) Detailed Information!

This topic has information about Ccar2 Contract Address, a newly launched project based on the NFT gaming system to offer new features to beginners.

Do you often look for crypto initiatives and crypto tokens that will provide you with quick gains?

We will focus on Ccar2 cryptocurrency in this topic to help readers Worldwide know about the project associated with gameplays. However, you must also check the Ccar2 Contract Address before trading or exploring this new gaming project.

Is Ccar2 a newly launched project?

The NFT car racing, Cryptocars or Ccar, is a newly discovered gameplay that awards its participants how far they get into the gameplay.

Besides, you may build your NFT-based cars, sell, or trade over the Cryptocars’ NFT marketplace. It has several features to help participants build the NFT cars that make them excited for the gameplay.

Ccar2 is a recent NFT-based gaming project and is in its early stages. As a result, we could not gather much detail about this gaming project.

What exactly is Ccar2 Token?

Since January 10, 2022, CryptoCity Metaverse has developed two funds, Cpan and Ccar, to assist newcomer players.

Its funds have been established and utilized to assist new users and participants who have participated in complex projects between January 1, 2022, and January 8, 2022.

CryptoCity strives to create complete confidence in newcomers to the virtual currency market. Ccar would assist many newbies in qualitative techniques that are not much favorable in the current status of the Cryptocurrency industry. However, it would help if you explored Ccar to find additional facts.

What is the contract address of the Ccar token?

Investors will find that the Ccar2 Contract Address is 0x1D6d456a82E67dfeBb21EC70fd659C417f9fDbb6.

What are the features of the CCAR project?

The foundation of this new project is not just the games themselves but also the stuff that goes with them.

There is dissatisfaction with the decrease in the price of cryptocurrencies in the CryptoCity Metaverse community and ecosystem. 

However, many operations are available, including the Fund Support 100K CPAN and 100K CCAR, objects over TikTok utilizing Filter VR/AR, marketing efforts in the media and even KOLs/ YouTubers Bearer Boost for the entire ecosystem.

It provides additional features, such as PVP for CCAR, PVC for CPA, and several other advertising strategies that can be seen if you look closely at Ccar2 Coin.

Price Statistics of Ccar2:

  • Current Price- 0.0000000000364972 USD
  • Total Supply- 10 000 000 000 000
  • Market Cap- 365 USD

Besides, the policy adjustments were prepared to be applied from January 18, 2022. The newly set mechanism of CGAR, CPAN, CCAR to withdraw fee calculation is as follows:

  • 100- 300 for CPAN and CCAR, with ten percent tax.
  • 300- 400 for three projects, with a five percent tax.
  • 400- 5500 for three projects, with three percent tax.

The team decided to set up a one million USD BuyBack Fund to sustain the price of CCAR for all three projects within the CryptoCity Metaverse Ecosystem; the transactions would be reported by us the team daily.

Conclusion on Ccar2 Contract Address?

While researching, we found that the contract address is 0x1D6d456a82E67dfeBb21EC70fd659C417f9fDbb6. 

Several investors often look for NFT-based gaming crypto platforms or projects, but the vast network makes them confused about the worthwhile project.

When you purchase CCAR tokens, they would be shifted to the award pool for earning for longer period.

You may tap here to know more about CCAR Token.

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