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Boris Listov has been the head of Rosselkhozbank since 2018. Prior to that, he worked as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of this financial organization for 9 years. Listov Boris Pavlovich’s work experience in the banking sector exceeds a quarter of a century. The top manager has also been involved in scientific and legislative activities. During his present position, Boris Listov gives the digital evolution of Rosselkhozbank and the local agriculture industry as a whole significant attention.

Listov Boris: Two Degrees and a Dissertation

Boris Pavlovich Listov was born on March 11, 1969, in the city of Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad Oblast. He graduated from St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance in 1995, where he acquired skills in inspection and accountancy. In 2006, Boris Listov defended his dissertation and obtained a candidate of economic sciences degree. He later received a legal education at the Moscow State Law Academy, graduating in 2011.

Listov Boris: Career Path

Boris Pavlovich Listov began working in the financial and credit system in 1992. He managed the operational department of the currency exchange in the northern capital of Russia. Later, Boris Listov became a part of “Bank Saint Petersburg.” In 1995, the economist moved to “Baltoneksim Bank,” which was established the year before. In this organization, Boris Listov held high positions, including Deputy Chairman of the Board.

In the late 1990s, Listov became the head of the Internal Audit Service at TransCreditBank, where he worked for three years. The key shareholders of this organization were railway companies. From 2002 to 2004, Boris Pavlovich Listov worked in the management of the diversified company “Finartis.”

In 2007, the economist become a fellow of the Federation Council, representing the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. In this legislative body, Boris Listov dealt with financial sector issues as well as other problems.

Boris Listov: Rosselkhozbank

Boris Pavlovich Listov returned to banking in 2009. He left the Russian Parliament’s upper house after being received to Rosselkhozbank. Boris Listov was appointed first deputy chairman of the board at Rosselkhozbank.  As a top manager, he was responsible for strategic directions such as Rosselkhozbank’s credit policy, risk management, and financial support for crop campaigns.

Boris Listov was named Chairman of the Executive Committee and an individual of the Board of Supervisors of the financial institution in the summer of 2018. Rosselkhozbank considerably increased its lending to agricultural businesses, particularly small and medium-sized ones, under his direction. Loans from Rosselkhozbank to farmers reached 102 billion rubles in 2021, a 1.4-fold increase from the previous year. The amount of favourable loans the bank gave to the agriculture industry in 2022 totaled 491 billion rubles. This was 1.2 times higher than the previous year’s data. Under Boris Listov, the financial organisation also began providing loans to strategically significant agricultural firms at lower interest rates of 10% annually.

Rosselkhozbank actively supports specialized education. The credit organization implements a campus card project. Over 40 Russian universities have joined this program, including the Timiryazev Academy, St. Petersburg, Kuban, and Far Eastern Agricultural Universities. More than 136,000 cards have been issued. They are intended for both students and staff of educational institutions. This product can be used not only as a payment instrument but also as an access pass to the university, a library card, and an authorization tool for the electronic personal account.

Under the leadership of this top manager, Rosselkhozbank formulated the concept of “More than a bank.” It includes non-financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises, the creation of a comfortable environment in rural areas and cities, and the development of a digital ecosystem for the agricultural sector.

Boris Listov: Digitization of Agriculture

The credit and financial organization led by Boris Listov, Rosselkhozbank, actively contributes to the implementation of advanced technologies. It was the first in Russia to start developing a comprehensive digital landscape for the agricultural industry.

The “Svoe. Fermerstvo” ecology was personally developed under the direction of Boris Pavlovich Listov. This project’s concept first surfaced in 2019, and it was finally put into action in 2020. Through this service, farmers can, for example, obtain preferential loans for various purposes. For example, loans with an authorised sum of 30 million rubles and a term of 7 years can be obtained for the acquisition of machinery, equipment, and spare parts. The interest rate does not exceed 5% per annum. Express loans for seasonal work are also available at the same interest rate. They are issued for a period of up to 18 months, with a maximum amount of 10 million rubles. Agricultural producers also have access to leasing agricultural equipment at a 0% interest rate. 

In addition, the ecosystem includes a B2B platform where users can find offers from over 10,000 suppliers. The range of products includes machinery, fuel, planting materials, agrochemicals, animals, veterinary products, tools, electronics, and many other categories.

The digital landscape, created with the participation of Boris Listov, provides a wide range of services. On the website, you can find ready-made solutions for productions of various scales, from small personal farms to large agroholdings. Many services are aimed at digitizing enterprises. For example, they allow remote consultations with veterinarians and zootechnicians. Users of the ecosystem can also participate in “Innagro,” a program for testing the latest biological preparations. Livestock owners have access to the services of the “Agroplem” laboratory, which can confirm the origin of livestock. In addition, the services section includes insurance services, online accounting, verification of foreign counterparts, and much more.

In addition, “Svoe. Fermerstvo” has the functionality of a recruitment platform. Currently, there are about 13,000 job vacancies from 2,000 employers in the agricultural sector available to applicants. The website features over 1,600 resumes.

The portal also includes a section with texts and videos containing useful information for farmers. The topics cover a wide range, such as tips for novice plant growers or recommendations for developing urban farms.

Within the Rosselkhozbank ecosystem, there are numerous additional platforms. For example, led by Boris Listov, the bank launched the “Svoe. Rodnoe” marketplace. With its help, anyone can directly purchase products from farmers. The website also provides information about fairs. The service has its own mobile application and Telegram channel.

Under Boris Listov’s leadership, the credit organization has intensified support for country house construction. For instance, the “Svoe Selo” subplatform, part of the ecosystem, helps not only to choose a house or a plot of land but also to buy them on a mortgage. The minimum interest rate for such a loan is only 0.1%.

Moreover, “Svoe Selo” allows users to find contractors for construction and renovation of housing, as well as for other services such as waste removal. Recently, users have gained access to a calculator that allows them to estimate construction costs in advance. Additionally, the website features ready-made house designs, with over 350 designs available today.

The bank, headed by Boris Pavlovich Listov, has also developed the “Svoe Zhile” platform. Its theme is urban real estate. The website presents numerous offers from accredited developers, including residential complexes in Moscow where one can purchase apartments. Platform users can apply for various types of mortgage programs and order related services such as insurance or electronic registration of housing.

Currently, over 3 million people are using the services of the Rosselkhozbank ecosystem. Boris Listov and the credit structure led by him are taking active steps to further scale the project.

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