Bitmedia Review: Best for Cryptocurrency Ads?

Boasting an impressive monthly count of 1 billion impressions and attracting over 20 million unique visits per month, Bitmedia positions itself as a prominent player in the crypto ad network arena, catering to the $1.45 Trillion cryptocurrency industry.

While it faces stiff competition in the sector, Bitmedia has successfully secured a substantial market share during its eight-year journey. This brief review delves into Bitmedia’s role as a global ad network specializing in blockchain and crypto-related products.

What Is Bitmedia?

Bitmedia is an ad platform that specializes in promoting blockchain and crypto-related products. The ad platform allows marketers and advertisers to launch targeted marketing campaigns through a combination of high-authority domains, influencers, and publishers, hence ensuring maximum visibility and conversion rates.

Compared to other advertising networks in the industry, Bitmedia has stood out in the field since its inception in London, UK, in 2014. The blockchain marketing agency is already imprinting a lasting impact through its tech-driven ad solutions. 

Among the array of crypto ad networks, Bitmedia stands out as one of the earliest players in the field, if not the very first. 

Bitmedia Blockchain Marketing Agency: Top Features

Wide Reach 

Bitmedia has established a strong and extensive network of publishers, channels, and crypto-related media publications. As of now, the crypto marketing agency has 7,000 crypto websites in its network where it can disseminate targeted ads. 

Targeting Capabilities

Bitmedia is the best ad network for leveraging sophisticated algorithms for more targeted ad placement based on visitors’ browsing habits and interests. 

As a leader in blockchain marketing intelligence, the crypto ad network wants users to make data-driven decisions about their end users, market gaps, user interests, and competitor behavior. For a targeted campaign to be effective, Bitmedia employs sophisticated algorithms to study customer data and market insights. 

Rich Media Ad Formats, Including HTML5

Bitmedia offers a diverse range of engaging ad formats, comprising rich media display ads, HTML5, sticky ads, and so on. The diversity of these media formats enables advertisers to have a wide selection of formats that align with their best interests. Furthermore, the ads could contain embedded video, audio, or any other immersive elements to engage visitors. 

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes, it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage, advertising innovator. 

Bitmedia Pricing

Advertisers have the option of choosing between Cost Per Mille (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC) pricing models, hence allowing them the flexibility to optimize their crypto ad campaigns depending on their unique goals.

Premium Publisher Placement

Advertisers on Bitmedia have access to an extensive library of premium publishers where they can place their ads. This ensures the ads appear on reputable media channels.

Ad Tracking

Bitmedia offers advertisers tracking features for monitoring campaign performance, impressions, conversion rates, and clicks. Ad tracking features are valuable for advertisers to continuously refine their campaigns, even in real-time. 

Uncovering Bitmedia: Quality of Impressions

Bitmedia attributes its success in the industry to the level of transparency it offers. The company has merited its anti-fraud mechanism as a guarantee to generate quality top-tier impressions. 

The ad platform manifests its commitment to quality by evaluating every single touchpoint, encompassing a meticulous examination of runtime, third-party traffic control, post-verification of traffic, and manual moderation of individual clicks and impressions. This comprehensive four-step verification process stands as a preventive measure against bots, paid traffic fraud, and concealed ad impressions. Essentially, the anti-fraud mechanism minimizes the likelihood of advertisers paying for low-quality traffic.

As an added layer of assurance, Bitmedia goes the extra mile by promising a complete refund to advertisers in case they identify quality irregularities in the campaign. This dual approach, combining rigorous verification processes and a refund guarantee, underscores Bitmedia’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and quality of its advertising network.

Bitmedia for Advertisers and Publishers

As a premier crypto ad network, Bitmedia provides advertisers with access to a vast and targeted crypto-related audience. The process of setting up advertising campaigns on the ad network is easy and straightforward. Therefore, one can quickly create and verify an account, build campaigns, and tailor targeting options to their needs. Pay attention to: 

Picking the right text and visual ads

Allocating the budget appropriately

The crypto ad platform ensures high-quality, targeted traffic, boasts a high click-through rate (CTR), facilitates easy payments, and offers instant campaign launches. Additionally, the platform’s built-in Performance Reporting System (PRS) provides valuable insights, all at affordable rates with 24/7 customer support.

For publishers looking to monetize and enhance earnings, Bitmedia is the go-to ad network. Becoming a Bitmedia publisher involves creating an account, completing the publisher form, and, upon approval, using various ad formats on your site. It’s a straightforward process. 

Publishers benefit from top ad placements, swift payments, access to diverse ad formats, and revenue models such as Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Mille (CPM). However, it bears mentioning that Bitmedia has a minimum payment threshold for publisher eligibility. The customer support also provides continuous 24/7 customer support, making it an optimal choice for maximizing profits.

The Generous Affiliate Program at Bitmedia

The blockchain ad network platform offers a generous affiliate program of up to 10% commission for each converting referral. A referral could be anyone from an advertiser or publisher. It is worth noting that the program distributes instant payouts in real-time. With the agency’s customization features, affiliates are lucky to craft campaigns based on their target’s interests. Over time, Bitmedia has extended support to its existing and new affiliates, hence solidifying its position as a top cryptocurrency ads platform. 

Final Remarks

Bitmedia has a robust crypto ad network that utilizes data, the latest technology, intuitive design, and targeting capabilities. The crypto ad network has already established a clientele across leading blockchain and gaming brands, from exchanges to casinos. Whether it’s a startup, a blue chip, or a DEFI project, Bitmedia provides flexible, adaptive, and high-ROI ad campaigns. 

For the latest information and insights about targeted crypto ad campaigns, visit the official Bitmedia website.

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