Back the Beach Podcast {July} Watch Behind Scenes Secret

Back the Beach Podcast has shared details of the podcast revealing the behind-the-scenes secrets of Laguna Beach

Have you watched Kristin and Stephen’s first three episodes of the Back to Beach Podcast? The reunion images of Kristin and Stephen got viral on the social media platform, and people started anticipating many things. Cavallari and Colletti have teamed up with Dear Media to start a podcast.

The podcast is getting popular in countries like the United States and Canada as the audience gets an opportunity to rewatch it with the stars. To know more on this, keep reading Back the Beach Podcast till the end.

Cavallari and Colletti Partners with Dear Media:

Kristin and Stephen are childhood friends from Laguna Beach High School who acted together in the Laguna Beach drama series telecasted on MTV. The series got popular among young students as it depicted the campus life of one of the prestigious schools in America.

The reunion of both the stars has generated significant interest among the audience in Australia and the United Kingdom. This podcast will discuss the behind the scene secrets of Laguna Beach that may be fascinating for its viewers. 

How to Watch Back to the Beach Podcast?

Back to the Beach has 40 episodes that will be aired in the coming days. Currently, three episodes have been aired; the first episode was of 2 minutes and aired on 11th July 2022. The second episode was of 45 minutes and was named “Black and White Affair”, released on 19th July; the third episode too was released on the same day.

The episodes are available on Apple podcasts, and the audience can listen to these podcasts on it. It is also available for listeners on other platforms like Spotify and iHeart. These are some ways for: How to Watch Back to the Beach Podcast by the fans of Laguna Beach. They will discuss the behind scenes of Laguna Beach.

Talk in the First Three Episodes of Back to the Beach:

In the first episode, they discussed how much money we’re paid for the first season. Cavallari came up with a $2500 figure, but Colletti corrected it with $2000. The series was telecasted between 2004 and 2006 in three seasons with forty-three episodes. 

The first intro episode discussed the show’s beginning and why they signed it. Cavallari opened up, saying that he could have done it for free. 

Back the Beach Podcast Reviews and Ratings:

This podcast is getting good reviews from the audience as most of the reviews have given a five-star rating on podparadise com, a podcast rating website. Apple podcast has a 4.9 rating from 1500 reviewers. The audience has loved all the episodes of the Back to Beach podcast released till now.

Final verdict:

Kristin and Stephen have come a long way and changed their friendship into a working relationship. They were fortunate to get Dear Media as a faithful partner for their podcast, which is gaining a lot of attention from the audience. 

Back the Beach Podcast has a lot of secrets from Laguna Beach that will be revealed in the coming days. Have you listened to the podcast? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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