8LIGA Review {Aug 2022} Read To Get The Legitimacy!

The article 8LIGA Review presents the detailed and accurate analysis of the website along with its legitimacy results and customer reviews.

Are you the person who believes that every human needs a right to the internet? Do you believe the internet is changing our world into a virtual place? The answer is yes. Nowadays, most people have the right to the internet in countries like Malaysia and some other countries. Even gambling has evolved into online casinos; this article will analyze a casino website and its 8LIGA Review.

About the website

There is a website known as “8liga net “from Malaysia, which was created for playing online casino games. Currently, the website is under maintenance to fix bugs. So, according to the information we have gathered, we could not confirm its legitimacy because of its positive and negative points.


  • Scored a 90 % trust score.
  • The site has a very good domain age
  • HTTPS and the SSL certificate are detected.
  • Active in Facebook with 250 +followers


  • It will be valid for only one year (10/07/2023).
  • Low Alexa rank of 288946.
  • No customer reviews are seen on the internet.

8LIGA Owner

The domain owner can be identified along with the website’s name, address, phone number, mail address, and country. The 8LIGA website owner information is,

  • Owner name: registered as private; some people hide the name due to privacy concerns.
  • Address : 2155E Warner road ,Arizona , US
  • Phone number: +!480624298
  • Organization: domains by proxy

And the registrar of the 8LIGA website is GODaddy.com.LLC. It is important to note that the technical parameters are one of the ways to determine legitimacy. General public views on this website are also important. But we couldn’t find any customer comments or reviews about this website.

Is 8LIGA legit?

8LIGA Review helps people determine whether the website is a scam or a legit one. Unfortunately, the site has been under maintenance for 4 days. It has scored a very good score of 90 % trust score. The Trust score is one of the important technical vitals to be analyzed. It is a good sign of a legit website. 

And we can see their activity on social media in the Facebook profile named 8liga Malaysia official, even some people commented on their posts but nothing is related to their casino website. They haven’t provided any details about their games, rules, etc


8LIGA Review provided a holistic view of the website. The website is 2 years old. But in these 2 years, it failed to get the customer’s opinions and comments. Customer reviews reflect the legit nature of the website. Considering this website’s trust score alone, we couldn’t confirm its legit nature because it’s an online casino website where people spend lots of money.


We conclude this article by saying people must be very careful with this website. Most online gambling websites make people vulnerable with their outer appearance. So people must consider the 8LIGA Review and its technical vitals before playing the game on this website. Also, online casino games must be played with more caution because one may lose their hard-earned money while playing.

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