Zonbase Review: Is It a Legitimate Solution for Amazon Sellers?

Zonbase is typically a tool for Amazon research that allows sellers to find profitable products, find high-volume keywords, estimate sales, and also spy on opponents. It is easy to operate and has reasonable pricing, however, also, it has got a negative image that makes doing business with Zonbase a risky offer for some people.

This is because some people are confused about whether is Zonbase legit or a scam. So, to make things clear to you, we have reviewed the tool and found out the truth. Keep an eye on the article to know the truth. 

What Is Zonbase?

As we have already mentioned, ZonBase is typically a tool for Amazon research. It analyzes product demand, product competition, and also keywords for your products on Amazon to find out the winning product for your business on Amazon.

There are a total of 13 tools available under ZonBase to assist Amazon sellers overcome every barrier in their path to triumph on Amazon. These tools cover different aspects of Amazon selling, starting from inventory research to product sales optimization as well as product listing optimization.

How Does It Work?

By operating the Chrome Extension of ZonBase, sellers can double-check everything about their study regarding Amazon’s business. For example, average unit price, revenue, units sold, as well as total revenue.

This tool is also useful for spying on your competitors on Amazon. As Zonbase provides complete information on the sales volume from every single ASIN no. and lets sellers track the keyword ranking that sellers use while selling their products on Amazon.

This plan helps compare products and make better-planed decisions regarding what to include or what to remove from your product listings on Amazon. And it’s quicker than any other method.

ZonBase is a one-stop shop that helps Amazon merchants expand their operations and increase Amazon earnings by concentrating on the best followed by the most pertinent keywords. It is a tool for conducting keyword research that yields accurate and pertinent results.

Is ZonBase Legit or Scam?

The ZonBase tool offers an unbelievable number of benefits to sellers on Amazon. The tool works great and is wonderful. This tool is way more “legit” as compared to the usual software available out there.

Besides the standard “Privacy Policy,” “Terms of Service,” and also “Disclaimer” pages, this tool also has a complete learning help page, a live chat, and high-quality courses with videos.

Many other tools available out there, lack the services ZonBase provides, which is sad given it’s meant to be the norm.

However, sellers may be surprised to know that there’s a slew of “churn & burn” tool platforms that simply are abandoned when the tool becomes glitchy as there’s no one behind the tool to keep assistance running.

On the other hand, ZonBase isn’t in the same ballpark as these contenders and Zonbase is certainly a scam-free tool. So, if you ask “Is Zonbase legit?” Well. the answer is YES.  Zonbase is legit. 

For Whom The Zonbase Tool Is Designed For?

It is designed mainly for Amazon sellers who seek help with the below-mentioned subjects:

  • Finding mentors
  • Finding products
  • Product launch & PPC
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Listing optimization
  • Profit/loss analysis 

A Brief Review Of Zonbase

ZonBase is an all-encompassing resource that helps Amazon merchants expand their operations and increase Amazon earnings by concentrating on the most effective and applicable keywords. A keyword analysis tool offered by ZonBase yields exact and pertinent results.

This is the resource that can help you find a lucrative niche. You can accomplish it swiftly despite Amazon’s enormous inventory of millions of products.

ZonBase is a SAAS or Software as a Service system that enables you to sell more of your goods on Amazon.com than ever before and to do so profitably. It enables you to save a great deal more time on tasks like finding “golden nugget” products, proper item listings, and keyword research.

It successfully achieves this by supplying the seller with a wide range of super-powerful tools that allow the seller to accomplish services such as:

  • Show the required keywords to the seller that their competitors are using and ranking for, and the real rankings for the keywords on the first page of Amazon.
  • Plan your calculated monthly search portions for various inventories.
  • Products with a high-volume search but minimal competition must be prioritized.
  • Estimate the calculated sales number for a particular item.
  • Create product listings that are based on the keyword-optimized of your competition.


  • Flat pricing sample
  • The product as well as keyword research software pulls in very factual data for the sellers
  • 13 features are available: from product management, and sales information updates, to an inventory research software
  • The free trial period of 7-day so that the seller can easily explore the tool before signing up


  • The founder Kevin David is under pressure from the FTC
  • According to BBB and FTC questionable reviews (although real users are saying the exact opposite)

ZonBase Pricing Plan

In case you are a serious seller on Amazon, then it will be better for you to get the paid plan from Zonbase after the end of your trial period because it will not be of any help in case you do not invest and continue analyzing Amazon platform.

The price of Zonbase ranges from $47/month (or $37/month if you get the annual membership from Zonbase) to $97/month (or $67/month if you get the annual membership).

ZonBase offers 3 pricing options:

  • Enterprise Plan – contact Zonbase for pricing in case you have over 100 Amazon products.
  • Legendary Plan – $97/month (or $67/month if you get the annual membership
  • Standard Plan– $47/month (or $37/month if you get the annual membership from Zonbase


The ZonBase tool is a reliable, high-quality product, and maybe our ZonBase review has served to prove that.

We hope that our ZonBase review article has shown the benefits that this tool can offer. Also, hopefully, our article helped you realize that the Zonbase tool is not a scam or fraud. It is certainly a 100% legit tool for sellers of Amazon FBA Business!

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