Six Top Tips for Writing a Great Essay

Writing a Great Essay: Professors ask students to write essays to assess their critical thinking capabilities and their ability to put their thought into writing academically. This is why essay writing is such an essential part of the college experience for students. In writing a high-quality essay, you must ensure that you’re coherent and clear in your expression, you have a strong position which you back with facts and evidence, and you have relevant sources to cite. To break it down, these are some of the top tips for writing an excellent essay writing service:

Every essay is looking to give a response to a particular question. You’re supposed to address the question directly in your essay, so it’s essential that you first analyze the question and understand it before you start. This ensures that you have the full idea of what is expected of you in your essay and you can fulfil it appropriately. This is the first step that the best essay writing service follows when writing their client’s essays to ensure they produce high quality. 

  • Define your argument clearly

There’s an argument that you’re meant to propose or support in writing your essay. You must first consider what this argument is as you prepare and plan for the essay. Your essay is meant to take an informed point of view or position about the topic that the question presents. Then you have to define and present a specific argument for your point. Once you’ve defined your idea, you have a position and direction to follow throughout your essay. 

  • Use reasoning, evidence or scholarship.

The best way to convince your audience about your argument is to use reasoning and evidence to evaluate relevant scholarships to the topic. 

  • Evidence provides vital information for your claims and consists of specific facts, examples, illustrations, statistics and quotations. 
  • Reasoning connects your argument with the evidence you provide. You mustn’t cite your evidence like you’re writing a shopping list. You must evaluate the evidence and prove its importance or support your argument. 
  • Scholarship shows how your argument is connected to other articles that have been written on the same topic. This is what it means to cite specific works. You can use the scholarship to support your argument as evidence or reasoning. 
  • Make your essay coherent.

There are three main components of an essay- introduction, body and conclusion. 

  • Introduction: This introduces the essay and presents a general statement for the topic, a thesis statement for your argument, and a road map for the essay.   
  • Body: This constitutes the major part of the essay where you build and discuss your argument. It presents a case and backs it up with evidence from relevant scholarships. 
  • Conclusion: This closes the essay by briefly restating your major points after they’ve been discussed clearly in the body. It doesn’t include any new materials. 
  1. Write clearly

An excellent essay isn’t only the points and evidence to support them. A perfect essay is clear and well-written. To ensure this, you have to carefully revise and edit your essay after you’re done writing. This helps you take it from a good essay to an excellent essay. To do this effectively, view it with fresh eyes each time you edit it, or get other people to read through it. You may also reach out to professionals from Rush My Essay to help you write your essay clearly or to edit and proofread it to ensure it clear and well-written. 

  • Cite your sources and evidence

The last step is to check your citations and ensure they’re complete and accurate. In some cases, you may be asked to use a particular citation style, and sometimes you’re allowed to choose your preferred format. Whatever style you choose, you must follow the guideline correctly and be consistent with them. 


Essay writing is an important part of being a college student, so it’s important that you learn to write excellent essays. Since your essay adds to your overall grade, you want to ensure they are of high quality. If you’ve been struggling to achieve this, follow these tips to improve your essay writing and go from writing a good essay to writing an excellent essay.  

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