Write For Us Women’s Health – The Updated Rules 2023!

Learn more about the viral guest blogging opportunity named Write for Us Women’s Health to mark your career in content writing. 

Do you know that women’s health is something different from men’s? Have you gathered more knowledge about women’s health and ways to improve their health in a natural way? then Red Redial team wanted to utilise your valuable expertise for our guest blogging opportunity, and we have mentioned all the required guidelines to be maintained in the article. Hence, we want all our interested Write for Us Women’s Health candidates to read every piece of information very carefully.

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Write for Us + Women’s Health writers Desired Qualification

Women’s bodies have a very different anatomy than men’s, and each woman possesses the incredible power to invite another human being into this world. All thanks to the reproductive organs of the female. It is true that men also share an equal part in reproduction, but women’s bodies are alone undergoing all the bearing processes, and it gets started at a very young age for all women. 

Thus, to maintain every woman’s very good health, they need extra nutrition and a balanced diet. Because until her death, women are undergoing many biological problems, that’s why our team has come up with this exclusive Women’s Health Write for Us guest blogging opportunity. Interested writers can talk about women or address the men around them about women’s health, etc.

Educational background: Professionals who have completed medical degrees, nutrition, health education, psychology, nursing, gynaecological care, primary care, prenatal courses, biochemistry, pathology, embryology, human anatomy, mind, and human behaviour, or any other courses or degree related to women’s health can share their experience with us.

Skillsets: The interested person should endow themselves with outstanding writing skills.

Women’s Health “Write for Us” Reference topics

  • Writers can write about the importance of women’s health to attract men as well because they need to know about the woman’s body and how it should be taken care of so that they can support their mother, wife, or daughter. Doing so can educate many people and create a healthy women’s society.
  • What are the most neglected women’s health problems? For example, writers can quote about urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, severe menstrual pain or endometriosis, PCOD, etc.
  • “Write for Us” + Women’s Health writers can share about natural or synthetic birth control pills and how some fraudster’s quacks are ruining the reproductive health of women.
  • What foods can women eat during their menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause periods?
  • Why do mood swings occur in women, especially during their menstrual cycle, and how can they be prevented?
  • Please write a short note on the basic tests to be taken by women to take care of their bodies. For example, writers can quote about mammograms, pelvic floor tests, pap smears, etc.

Women’s Health + “Write for Us” article guidelines

  • The article based on the women’s health word limit should be 1500 to 2500.
  • Writers must write things that are scientifically proven because there are many rumours and home medicines are getting uploaded daily by many people. But our platform won’t publish such unproven data.
  • We strongly advise the writers not to mention any scheduled drug medicines as prescriptions for any problem because each woman is different, and their medical history will be unique, so kindly refrain from such types of writing activities.
  • Women’s Health “Write for Us” Writers must be cautious about their spelling, grammatical errors, sentence formations, etc.
  • Kindly opt for smaller paragraphs rather than choosing a longer one. And present the article with many critical points using bullets, numberings, etc.
  • Usage of images is always appreciated from our side, but be creative and don’t use any copyrighted images.
  • Writers must include call-to-action lines at the end of their articles without fail because it increases reach and traffic to the article.
  • Writers are not allowed to use AI content-writing tools to create. And similarly, copied or plagiarised content will be removed from our consideration.

Write for Us Women’s Health SEO Guidelines

  • In this digital world, we need a technique to get famous and trending. In content writing, SEO optimisation is one technique that all writers must adhere to make their articles SEO-friendly.
  • After selecting the blog topics, the writers must search for their SEO keywords unfailingly. Most keywords are the viewer’s search queries, so it doesn’t need to be one or two words alone; even a small sentence can be our SEO keyword.
  • Write for Us + Women’s Health writers must place the keywords in the correct place. It means we shouldn’t put it in a randomised manner. The addition of keywords should also create a meaningful sentence.
  • In order to increase the trust score of the article, every writer must include legitimate inbound and outbound links in their article.

Benefits to the writers

By posting guest post works, the writer’s work will be highly seen by thousands of people because our website has newsletter options, and we used to deliver all our updates to them individually; hence, our readers will also give their viewership to the guest post writers’ works.

How to submit the Women’s Health Write for Us articles?

The fully completed women’s health articles should reach this email address: team.redredial@gmail.com


Hence, we have explained all the essential writing details to make your guest post article a highly popular and SEO-friendly one. Please follow all these rules and submit your creative and innovative Write for Us Women’s Health works to this Email Address: team.redredial@gmail.com. Let us make our country’s Women stronger physically!

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