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Are you updated on current events and happenings? Staying updated with the occurrences and happenings is crucial yet challenging. However, a few individuals remain updated and have deep insight into what is happening worldwide. 

Possessing writing skills and knowledge about the latest news is a unique and perfect blend to join our online network. We are pleased to welcome contributors with good writing skills and knowledge of current affairs. Check some rules when collaborating with us to publish Write for Us News on our online publishing platform. 

Who are we?

The online publisher, Redredial, allows content contributors to share their writing skills through our online platform. The fields, industries, and sectors on which contributors can write content are current affairs or news, NFT, football, lifestyle, cryptocurrency, SaaS, entertainment, product reviews, technology, home and garden, blockchain, yoga, environment, website reviews, and many more.

People and entrepreneurs from many industries and sectors visit our online publishing network to get deep insight into their associated sectors and relevant information on the required category.

If your knowledge matches with the sectors listed here, specifically on current affairs or news, you may contact our team and get your post published.

Guidelines For News “Write for Us:” 

Following the guidelines specified here is crucial since they will help you learn about the ideal format and principles required to rank well on search engines and improve web traffic.

  • Content with a specified format is essential. So, justify your content and make its font Times New Roman with 1.5 line space. It will enhance the content’s appearance and engage them well.
  • The content’s correctness, precision, and relevance will maintain users’ interest.
  • You must maintain the specified structure, including relevant headings and subheadings, catchy title, introduction, final verdict, and description.
  • You must also add a call to action phrase in the Write for Us + News post to help readers quickly connect with you and maintain engagement through our online platform.
  • The sentence structure and overall content must be readable, i.e., easy to comprehend and simple content.
  • The news sector necessitates updated information and the most highlighted affairs. Therefore, you must stay tuned to the occurrences across the globe.
  • You must check and correct errors, including grammar, vocabulary, sentence formation, punctuation, and much more. Many online tools, including premium ones, can help you correct them well. Free tools may not correct grammatical or sentence structure completely.
  • The News Write for Us content’s length is from 1500 and can be up to 2000 words. Limiting the word length specified is necessary.
  • Never include objectionable or provoking words, as they may disturb online readers and distract from our aim. So, mention relevant information with a soft tone to let readers enjoy and gain knowledge peacefully without hurting their sentiments.

Abiding by these rules will assist you in getting your content approved and verified to get published on our platform.

SEO Practices To Follow:

  • A relevant, error-free, and content free of grammatical and punctuation mistakes with a short and ideal sentence format in “Write for Us” + News will grab readers’ interest and attention.
  • Grammar scores for the content you post to us must be above 98. 
  • The description length needed is 90 to 160 characters, while the character length required for the content’s title is between 50 and 56 characters.
  • You can search relevant keywords from Google or get assistance from our editorial team. As our team suggests, add every keyword, including primary and secondary, with the word gap. Mark all the keywords in blue and make them bold. The word gap needed between every keyword of the News + “Write for Us” post is approximately 80 to 100 words or as specified by our team.
  • Add an external link in the conclusive paragraph, which can have 1 to 3 percent plagiarism, and mark it green and bold.
  • Optimize your topic with correct and short sentence formation well-structured content, including transition words and accurate information.
  • It will make the content visible and get recognition since Google’s algorithm necessitates content optimization with the best SEO practices. 
  • Maintaining these practices will help your content come in the initial results in the search engines and the best SEPRs or search engine page results.

The content abided by the SEO practices is the most preferred writing format we must post on our publishing network. Therefore, go through them well and send us a relevant post on current affairs.

Benefits of News “Write for Us:”

  • You can polish your writing capabilities and content structure by writing for us, as our editorial team provides regular assistance on the ideal design and format.
  • The content is visible to a more extensive audience due to our regular worldwide audiences.
  • Many entrepreneurs and business associates regularly visit our publishing networks. The relevant knowledge of their preferred sector will help you get recognition, and they may offer you better job opportunities.
  • Your content will get noticed and stand out in a larger audience base when your topics are precise and sound and provide better insight into the subject.

Topics on “Write for Us” + News:

  • Latest news 
  • What’s trending across the globe
  • Insight into the global occurrences
  • Trending news affairs
  • Popular news and headlines

Where to forward?

You can write any topic on current affairs or news and forward it to our team members. Our editors would initially analyze your post and go for checking by the quality control team. 

When our teams approve your content, we will contact you and provide further guidance to get your post published.

Final Verdict:

Writing news or current affairs content will help your skills get noticed among larger audiences. But, it needs a specific format and approach to get it published. This guide will help you learn everything required to get your content approved for our publishing network.

So, write captivating content on Write for Us News and send it to us at team.redredial@gmail.com.

Can you write relevant and trending content on the news? Share your skills and get many opportunities through our publishing network.

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