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The guide shares the instructions and guidelines for bloggers and writers who want to Write For Us + Business Startup content. 

Do you know over 60 million startup businesses are commenced every year? With such a higher number of startups, an informative and helpful guest post on startup businesses can help attract many worldwide audiences and readers. We can help your guest posts get global exposure as our website registers thousands of visitors daily. 

You may Write For Us + Business Startup content, and we will help your guest posts and blogs to get maximum readership and exposure at the global level.     

Why Write For Us for Business Startup Blogs and Articles Section?

We are the leader in the specific niche, and we focus on sharing informative and quality content with our worldwide readers. We are a renowned website with the highest visitors. Our dedication is to help readers and visitors get the latest and updated details about the latest happenings in the business world. 

Before writing business startup content and blogs for us, you must visit our website to know what types of blogs, articles, and content our website accepts. Our website accepts articles, blogs, and content in a particular niche and we are open to accepting business startup write-ups for our business startup section. 

We need articles, blogs, and content for our Business Startup “Write For Us” section. We urge all writers and bloggers to submit informative and original blogs and guest posts on our website to enjoy multiple benefits. 

Write Guest Post

We want the writers and bloggers to submit creative, informative, and engaging guest posts for our business startup section. The guest posts and blogs must be written in easy languages to make the readers understand the crux. Proofreading guest posts and blogs are important to ensure that original and grammatically sound guest posts are delivered.

You may visit the Write For Us Business Startup Guest Post section to learn about the topics that our website accepts. If you are interested in writing guest posts on business startups, ensure to read the guidelines before you start writing. With the help of the guidelines, you can create creative, engaging, and error-free guest posts for our website, and it ensures faster approval.

What are the Guidelines for Business Startup Write For Us Section?

There are set protocols and guidelines that every writer, blogger, and content creator has to follow while writing for us business startup content and guest posts. The guidelines provide you with an in-depth understanding of the guest posts and content we are looking for in the Business Startup + “Write For Us” section. Below are some of the important guidelines you have to follow when writing business startup content and guest posts for us. 

  • The word limit set for each guest post is between 700 and 1000 words, and the guest posts must be written as per the said word limit.
  • The guest posts must be easy to understand and inflow. It must be free from jargon and have a simple language to make all readers understand the crux.
  • The guest posts must not be copied from any other 3rd party website as we only accept original guest posts and articles that have been passed Copyscape Premium Version. 
  • The guest post must be written according to SEO guidelines with proper placement of keywords, sub-headings, eye-catchy titles, etc. 
  • The content must be grammatically sound, with over 98% on Grammarly Tool.
  • The guest post must be free from fillers, repetitive words, and sentences. Failing may lead to the rejection of the guest post.
  • The keyword density must be maintained as prescribed, and you must avoid keyword stuffing in the guest post as it may lead to rejection.
  • The guest post must be written using active voice, and there must not be passive voice excessively. 
  • The guest post must be well-organized with headings and sub-headings, a section for features, and pros & cons to increase the readability.
  • You must include at least two do-follow links to clear the concepts you have shared in the guest post.

These are some guidelines that writers and bloggers have to follow while writing guest posts for us. 

What are the Topics Covered in Write For Us + Business Startup Section?

Multiple topics are covered in the section. But, you have to focus on writing guest posts on topics that can benefit budding startups and help them start new businesses. The guest post you submit must act as a guide for the new entrepreneurs. Some of the topics that must be covered for the section are:

  • Management & Operations
  • Micro Financing
  • Role of Accounting
  • Statutory Audit System
  • Joint Venture and Partnership Effects
  • Issues with Small Scale Businesses
  • Institutions Backing SMEs
  • Performance of SMEs
  • Commercial Bank Financing
  • Obstacles in Financing and Funding
  • SMEs Taxation 
  • Challenges for SMEs      

These are some topics that we are looking for in the section of the Write For Us Business Startup Guest Post.

How to Submit the Guest Post?

If you agree to the guidelines and fulfill the requirements, you may start writing guest posts for us in the business startup section. However, you have to approach our editor’s team at the official email address. A confirmation email will be sent to you with the topics you have to write following the above guidelines.

After submitting, the editor team will analyze and check the guest post for errors. A confirmation email will be sent to you if the guest post is approved. You can check the statistics of your guest post on the website. 

Contact Us

If you want to reach out to us for any query, here is our contact.redredial@gmail.com:


We are looking for talented and experienced guest post writers and bloggers for our Write For Us + Business Startup category who can deliver quality write-ups and guest posts according to our guidelines.     

Ensure to deliver informative, engaging, and quality guest posts to get maximum exposure at the global level and faster approvals. 

Do you think you have a passion for writing for us? Share your thoughts in the comment section, and we will get back to you.

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