Wordle Uk Website Free {Feb} Find Latest Announcement!

Read about the latest news and havoc in the Wordle Uk Website Free since it is getting updated regularly by the NYT.

Josh Wardle was the original creator of the Wordle puzzle game in JAVA script. Josh developed the Wordle game for his lovable partner Palak Shah. Hence, it turned out to be the best gift for Palak Shah.

Later, Josh decided to publish the Wordle game on the internet as a free to play game. Soon, the website Powerlanguage became popular in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Know the latest news about the Wordle Uk Website Free below.

Latest trends:

As regular players of the Wordle game, you must have known by now that the Wordle game had migrated to The New York Times (NYT) Website last week. 

From the afternoon of Friday, 11th February 2022, the Powerlanguage website was redirecting the users to the NYT website.

While the NYT implemented many changes in Wordle, the updates still continued. From Wednesday, 16th February 2022, the game was accessible on both websites. 

Few users who accessed the Powerlanguage website had different answers than those who used the NYT website.

How do people enjoy Wordle Uk Website Free?

It is a well-known fact that Wordle gives a five-word puzzle to be guessed correctly to its user every day. This puzzle was common for all users. Hence, it became a trend on social media to share the results of the word if it was guessed correctly by any users.

The first user who used to guess the word correctly used to share the results on a group chat with his family members and friends.

Similarly, many users used to share the screenshots of the results on social media accounts, popularly on Twitter about Wordle Uk Website Free results.

But, from 16th February 2022, users got two different answers for the same puzzle. While for a few users, the first correct alphabet appeared to be a vowel, the first one appeared as a consonant for other users.

The Announcement by NYT:

It is the latest trend since 16th February. NYT had announced that Wordle will remain free-to-play. The NYT spokesman – Jordan Cohen, said that they are updating the wordle game, and the solution list was also updated in the process. 

It resulted in the elimination of OBSCURE, AGORA and PUPAL words and several offensive words on Wordle Uk Website Free.

User feedback:

The users said they were in trauma as they found Wordle has several words they never knew and NYT had intentionally made Wordle harder. A Twitter user reported that daily solutions are present in the Web Script. User can save the Wordle Web Page and play it freely for many years!


The family members used to play Wordle early in the morning as the new word was updated. It was also because they wanted to share the results on group chat and Twitter Posts. But, with constant changes in Wordle Game, users have reported that they have lost interest in the game.

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