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Are you a fan of crime-drama series? Have you watched the famous series Power? Power is a top-rated crime drama series in the United States. Power is a hit series of Starz which gained so much popularity. The series is based on a businessman in New York who is also leading his life the wrong way. 

The most memorable character of the crime-drama Power was someone who killed LaVerne ‘Jukebox’ Ganner. But Who Killed Jukebox Power? Check out the article to know.

Who was behind the death of Jukebox in Power?

As we mentioned before, Jukebox was the most memorable character of Power. From her past, she knew both Ghost and Kanan. But after a brief introduction of her, we came to know that Jukebox is such a ruthless and cruel person. Secretly Jukebox was controlling a group of criminals who were always ready to steal for her. Jukebox used her connections with the police department to stay above all the suspicions. 

But now the main question is Who Killed Jukebox Power? You will be shocked to know that her closest cousin Kanan killed her. Yes, you are reading it correctly. Kanan was the actual reason behind the death of Jukebox in Power. In ‘Raising Kanan’, we see the incredible bond between Jukebox and Kanan. So, it’s kind of impossible to believe that Kanan killed Jukebox. 

How did Kanan kill Jukebox?

If you watch the entire series, then you already know. But for those who have not seen the series yet, for them it will be a never forgotten scene. After reading the above section of the article, you already know Who Killed Jukebox Power. And now it’s time to know how Kanan killed Jukebox. So, are you ready to know about that scene? Then please keep reading the article carefully. Because in the next section, we will reveal the actual scene of Power where Kanan killed Jukebox.

When Jukebox holds Tariq at gunpoint and asks Kanan to tell her the motives of the closeness to Tariq, Kanan suddenly shoots Jukebox. And within a minute, Kanan killed Jukebox. It was indeed an iconic and painful scene of the famous crime-drama series Power. If you have not watched the scene yet, you should not miss it. 

Who Killed Jukebox Power– Why did Kanan shoot Jukebox?

When Jukebox discovered that Kanan was getting close to Tariq, Ghost’s son, she decided to check her cousin’s loyalty. After proving himself, Jukebox suggested to Kanan to kill Tariq. Next, the cousin planned to blackmail Ghost by sending him a picture of his son. And in season 4 of Power, 

Kanan and Jukebox find out that Ghost is in jail, and they see this as a chance to get more money from Ghost. After the release of Ghost from prison, Jukebox tries to kill Tariq and his father. And then the pathetic scene happened where Kanan killed Jukebox. 


Who Killed Jukebox Power? You know that already and now you know the reason behind this also. If you still have doubts, click here to learn more about the crime-drama series Power

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