Who Is The New Chelsea Coach Now 2022? Is He Sacked?Who is The New Manager? Grab Football Club Latest News Here!

This article provides information about Chelsea’s new decision regarding the coach change and tells the readers about Who Is The New Chelsea Coach Now 2022.

Isn’t today the new day for the Chelsea team and their fans? Do you know that the management has decided to appoint a new coach to the Chelsea team? Who is the replaced coach? The football fans in Ghana and Nigeria are surprised to hear that Chelsea got a new coach right after losing the Champion League match.

If you want to know Who Is The New Chelsea Coach Now 2022, read this article until the end and grab all the knowledge here.

Why did the management decide to change the coach?

As per the sources, the management set up a meeting right after the Chelsea team lost the match against Croatian club Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions league stage match. 

It is observed that the Chelsea team’s performance isn’t appreciable, and with the loss in the first match, the training and board members of the team have to take some hard decisions for the betterment of the team. 

Therefore, they decided to replace Thomas Tuchel as the team’s head coach with Graham Potter. 

About New Chelsea Manager– Graham Potter

Unexpectedly, the team decide to replace Thomas Tuchel after years of being together and if we talk about Graham Potter, an English Professional football manager and a former football player. He has 3.8 years of experience in football coaching and got the coaching license from the UEFA Pro License. The teams that he coached in his experience are Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. 

The Chelsea board members and coaching association already have their eyes on Graham Potter as the team’s head coach and new manager. In the article of Football Club Chelsea Latest News, it is said that Graham Potter will replace the present coach of Chelsea and continue competing in the champion’s trophy. 

What do the fans think about the decision?

If you are a Chelsea fan, then you would be shocked to know that Thomas Tuchel isn’t the head manager and coach of the team anymore. The board decided to replace him because of the team’s poor start in the season’s first match. 

However, fans were shocked and couldn’t believe that Chelsea would leave their head coach after he was responsible for winning the champions league, UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup. Therefore, we know the answer to the question Is Chelsea Coach Sacked

The fans are waiting for the official statement from the Chelsea management and team regarding the change of the coach for the next match. It’s a hard day for Thomas Tuchel to leave the Chelsea team after a long time. 

Is Graham Potter ready to take charge of the Chelsea team?

Graham Potter has gotten permission from the previous club, and they give him the green signal to coach the Chelsea team for the league match. 


After knowing about Chelsea’s situation, the management has decided to make the team’s performance improve as per their ideas. Now you know Who Is The New Chelsea Coach Now 2022, so let’s see whether the team will improve their game or not.

Do you think Chelsea has taken the right decision? Please share your views with us. 

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