When a DUI Results In a Fatality

A DUI that results in an accident can mess up your entire life. A DUI accident that involves a fatality will result in criminal charges and the guilt of knowing life was lost. Getting a DUI is serious business. You need to have a car accident attorney in Detroit who can guide you through the legal process. It’s important to take responsibility for your involvement in the accident, no matter who was at fault. A good attorney can help you get back on the right track.


A DUI resulting in a fatality can result in numerous charges over and above the DUI/DOI charge. When a death occurs, a vehicular homicide charge is normally added to the list. The prosecutor and judge will determine what charges will be filed against you. Some charges are more severe than others. The severity of the charge will be determined by your past driving record. If this is your first offense, the prosecutor may be more lenient than if you have multiple DUIs on your record. In addition to criminal charges, you will also lose your driving privileges and pay upwards of a $10,000 fine or higher.

Manslaughter vs. Murder

In most cases, causing the death of someone while drunk driving will result in one of two types of charges, DUI manslaughter or DUI murder. With a DUI manslaughter charge, the driver was driving while under the influence but did not intend to harm anyone or cause their death. DUI murder, on the other hand, is the charge when a person knows they were driving while drunk and is indifferent to the fact that a person’s life was lost due to their actions.

Strive to Stay Sober

Many judges and prosecutors require drivers who receive DUI charges to complete a drug and alcohol program. The hope is that after the program is completed, the person will strive to stay sober. Completing a certified drug and alcohol program will provide them with skills and habits they can use to help them stay on the road to sobriety. This is a path the person must want to take. In addition to completing this type of program, the judge may also recommend community service.

Counseling Can Help

Individuals who are involved in car accidents that result in a fatality are often burdened with guilt and may become depressed over the situation. While alcohol was partly to blame for the accident, the person may turn to alcohol to cope. Your attorney may recommend attending counseling to help you work through any feelings of guilt you may have. They can help you learn better-coping mechanisms and will give you a chance to possibly help others who are going through the same thing.

Being involved in an auto accident can be a stressful experience. If you are involved in a DUI accident that resulted in a fatality, it can be even more traumatizing. Work with a reputable car accident attorney and they will help you find the best solution to your situation. No two DUI accidents are the same. It’s important to call an attorney with experience in DUI cases. They have the necessary experience to help you get your life back on track.

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