What Does Ableist Slur Mean {Aug} Explore The Term!

We will bring out information on What Does Ableist Slur Mean and why we should avoid using related words further.

Have you heard the Ableist Slur word before? Do you understand what this word means? In general, we should avoid using such words. It may offend people’s feelings.

Are you interested to know the meaning of today’s word? An “ableist slur” is any derogatory or discriminating expression, remark, or statement directed against a differently abled person or the disability community. The United States, United Kingdom, and Canada people are eager to know What Does Ableist Slur Mean?

Why is Ableist Slur in the news?

Beyoncé used a disparaging phrase for spastic diplegia, a type of cerebral palsy, in the song Heated, which she co-wrote with Canadian rapper Drake. So, Beyoncé will alter a Renaissance song that uses an ableist epithet. According to a spokeswoman, the performer will remove the derogatory slur for disabled persons from her new song, Heated.

The lyric will be available after the modification, as her spokesperson of the musician confirmed to Insider. However, “The word, not intentionally used in an adverse manner, shall be replaced,” the rule stated.

What Is the Ableist Slur?

The term “ableist slur” refers to insulting or discriminatory words, phrases, remarks, comments, or statements made about people with disabilities or the disability community. According to the Harvard Business Review, ableist terms are frequently employed in conversation as “metaphors, jokes, and euphemisms.”

It was also emphasized that, whether intentionally or inadvertently, people frequently employ ableist language when using words like “crazy,” “stupid,” “dumb,” “lame,” or “insane” without comprehending the negative effects it can have. The term “ableist” is still often used. Disability studies is a field of study that is advantageous for non-disabled persons to understand ableism better.

We will continue to find out about What Does Ableist Slur Mean?

What transpired with the song “GRRRLS” by Lizzo?

The second single off Lizzo’s most recent album isn’t “Truth Hurts” or “Good As Hell,” but it is a Lizzo song nonetheless: an ode for female empowerment with a catchy chorus. However, “GRRRLS” drew criticism after its June 10 release.

Disability advocate Hannah Diviney tweeted the following date, Hello, @lizzo, your new song makes us pretty angry + sad”. In our situation, the word used in medicine to characterize cerebral palsy is spastic diplegia. ‘Spaz’ doesn’t indicate absurd or freaked out but is an ableist epithet. It’s 2022. Try harder.

What Does Ableist Slur Mean might be clear now.

Why You Should Stop Using These Expressions?

Language is not the limit of ableism:

It exposes our unintentional prejudices.

It causes us just to develop negative disability prejudices within ourselves.

It stigmatizes those who are already marginalized.

Note: The above information is based on web sources.


Few words may be seen as cruel or disrespectful since they may be connected to a person’s identity or difficulties. But if we use such words unintentionally, there is no harm in apologizing. Beyonce and Lizzo rephrasing the lyrics sets an example and lesson towards goodness. Want to know more about the word Ableism click here.

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