The Impact of Sustainable Features on UAE’s New Residential Projects

The impact of a green and sustainable environment cannot be overemphasized. As ordinary as it may seem, sustainable real estate can contribute a reasonable quota to sustainable development and alleviation of global warming. Changing the world’s lifestyle will not only make the planet safer for humans to live in, it will also extend the earth’s longevity, and improve the quality of life.

Did you know that global warming can improve the life expectancy range, reduce disasters, and aid developments? These benefits will be the focal point of discussion for this article, as well as the impact of sustainable features of new residential projects.

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Seven (7) Ways that Sustainable Features Contribute to the Welfare of the World

These sustainable and climatic-compliant measures do not only benefit the UAE, but their impact will be worldwide. According to experts, the under listed are seven ways that sustainable features improve the welfare of the world.

It can improve life expectancy

This seems like an exaggeration, right? But it is true. All over the world, millions of people lose their lives to disasters occasioned by global warming. Online statistics will tell you that an average of 65 000 die yearly due to natural disasters but the Indian Tsunami alone took about 200 000 lives. When the world learns to allow planet Earth to heal, it will reduce its susceptibility to avoidable disasters and lives will be saved in the process. In the event that the world refuses to, those occurrences will increase and take more lives. 

Cleaner Air to Breath and a healthier lifestyle

Clean air is another highly underestimated factor of good health. Sustainable features and goals reduce the emission of poisonous substances such as carbon and greenhouse emissions, which detoxifies the air and makes it more breathable. People don’t know this, but the WHO says that 2 million deaths are caused by harmful and polluted air per annum. By keeping our environments conducive we are reducing life-threatening items, and helping humans live longer.

Cleaner waters and healthier Ocean life

Water is life. Many times, clean water is mistaken for only clean consumable water, but that is not always the case. Polluted waters and waters with impurities harm animal life on the one hand and can lead to the disruption of the underwater animal kingdom. Additionally, it costs more to keep consumable water clean and away from the impure version, and that will tell on the state’s finances. 

It is cheaper in the long run

Clean and renewable energy is mostly criticized for its high cost of installation, and design. For example, it is a very capital-intensive project to raise solar panels that can power multiple homes, and State budgets run into billions in an attempt to convert them into renewable energy. But that’s the most expensive part of the investment. After installation is complete, it is much cheaper because only minor resources will be needed for its maintenance and such technology can serve for decades, making the long-term benefit quadruple the investment cost. Will it cost more now? – Yes, but it is much more economical on a long-term scale.

The benefits are much more than these. For example, it can help in the significant control and handling of pollution and help the world be a wholesome and healthier place. In many countries also, governments grant taxation concessions and reductions to companies that are green-compliant, and which are transitioning their methods/modes of business in a clean energy direction. These policies are to encourage companies to tow the correct path and embrace environmentally sustainable practices. Finally, greener initiatives can help preserve food, prevent contamination, and protect from sicknesses that are pollutants caused, or promoted. It is safe to opine that the benefits of clean energy and green initiatives outweigh their downsides.

Why Sustainable and Planet-Compatible measures must replace climate-damaging activities

Conclusively, when you view the impacts of sustainable development goals, green initiatives, and the likes as benefiting the planet Earth, it may seem too surreal, and far from you. But when you view the various ways it can affect you and your family personally, it begins to make sense why those measures ought to be canvassed for massively, and why it is critical to include climatic conditions in all that nations do. Mankind has happened to the ecosystem in many wrong ways, and the disasters we are now facing in multiple areas around the world were amplified, accelerated, or even out-rightly caused by global warming; to right those wrongs, green initiatives must be taken as paramount.

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