Toddler Room Displays for Your Nursery Grad

Your little one has officially graduated from the baby nursery to a big kid toddler room—congratulations! Now it’s time to update their space to match their developing skills and interests. But how do you create engaging displays and decorative touches that are fun yet educational?

As a mother of a precocious toddler, it’s best to experiment with various room displays to keep things fresh and stimulate their curious mind. Some will be hits and misses, but you’ll learn to craft a personalized toddler paradise from these trials and errors.

Your toddler’s room is their little world, so make the most of this opportunity to surround them with whimsical wonders that celebrate this fleeting yet rewarding stage of development. The toddler years may be temporary, but a well-designed space can create lasting memories. Now, let’s dive in and learn what essentials you need to add to your shopping list!

Books and a Cute Bookshelf or Storage

Creating a reading nook in your child’s room will foster their reading skills. Being exposed to literature as early as possible will encourage them to become avid readers once they grow into their adolescent years. Even though they can’t read yet, it will make them want to explore what those books have in store.

Therefore, ensure their book storage or shelves are low and within reach so they can easily access the books themselves. You can also choose cute animal-shaped bookends or mini bookshelves to make their reading journey more entertaining. 

Wall Stickers and Growth Chart

Another great way to spruce up your toddler’s room is by using wall decals. It’s one of the many ways to brighten their room and showcase their personality, from alphabet letters to numbers, animals, cartoon characters, and shapes.

Apart from adhesive graphic decals or stickers of their favorite things, putting up a growth chart would be best. Keep track of their height and how fast they have grown, and they will be encouraged to continue eating healthy.

Other benefits of growth charts for parents:

  • Know if they’re growing properly
  • Identify if height and weight measurements are normal
  • Provides a visual representation of how your child is growing

Arts & Crafts Station

Your child is growing by leaps and bounds, so they will need many activities to keep them entertained. One way is by creating a small crafts nook consisting of a table and chair where you can organize their art materials.

Anytime they want to put their imagination into paper, they can work on their coloring and drawing skills here. Since they’re still young, choose safe and non-toxic supplies and materials.

Stock up on clay, watercolors, crayons, markers, paints, and dispensers to store their artwork after they’re done with their projects. This creative space will keep them busy exploring endless possibilities with art and craft. 

Montessori Toys

To boost your child’s development, encourage them to explore their curiosity with Montessori toys. These allow children to master one skill at a time while minimizing unnecessary distractions.

Some Montessori toys to consider:

  • Abacus
  • Wooden blocks
  • Construction building sets
  • Phonetic reading blocks
  • Shape sorters
  • Balance beams
  • Play tunnels

These toys hone their  imaginative play, allowing them to dive deeper into their curiosity and build problem-solving skills. Moreover, be sure to include open-ended toys that aren’t just educational but also beneficial in fostering your child’s mind.

Framed Pictures

Toddlers learn to love at a young age and treasure those who are dearest to them. Putting framed pictures of your family and pets will make them happy and put smiles on their faces as they wake up in the morning.

Instill in their mind that family is everything, and they will learn to appreciate your bond with each other. You can put it anywhere, on their arts & crafts station, walls, or side tables.

Quality Bed

Toddlers grow very fast, and constantly buying a new bed for them to fit into might drain your bank account. Therefore, the best and wisest decision you can make when decorating their room is to find a bed they can grow into.

Of course, you must ensure they’re high-quality to last a long time. Choose a bed frame that can fit a standard mattress, with a headboard, footboard, and bed rail. At the same time, make sure the walls are painted in easy-to-coordinate colors so that you can adapt to their changing tastes as they grow.

Bins and Storage

Organization is the key to every toddler’s room. Every parent knows how messy they can be, especially if they’re busy playing. Toys and clothes are strewn everywhere, which can result in lost items. Fortunately, you can try numerous solutions to avoid this dilemma – such as bins and storage!

Since kids tend to collect more things than adults, everything must have its place. It won’t only help you when cleaning their room but also encourages them to take care of their personal belongings. At the same time, you’re keeping their toys easily accessible.

Cozy Spaces and Things

Spaces where they can feel safe and cozy, are highly recommended. These are areas where they can go back to if they want to calm down and have some time for themselves. At the same time, it hones their imaginative skills and boosts their creativity.

You can fill the space with pillows, comfortable cushions, rugs, stuffed animals, a reading nook, or even a tent. It will be an ideal spot to relax and do their favorite things without worrying about anything else. 

Wall Hooks

Every room should have wall hooks, especially a child’s bedroom! These are functional and versatile, enabling you to hang things if you don’t have time to tidy up your child’s room but still want it to feel more stuffy and comfortable.

How to use wall hooks in a child’s room:

  • Towels
  • Accessories or pieces of jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Bags
  • Coats or jackets

If you want to provide more structure in your home, wall hooks will save your life!

Create a Comfortable Abode for Your Toddler

The essentials listed above are only some items you should get for your child if you want to highlight their transition from baby to toddlerhood! Don’t forget to add them to your shopping list, and have the best time decorating your bedroom with their help!

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