Tait Richard Cranium {July 2022} Find The Knowledge!

Do you want to know what happened to the top CEO of Cranium company- Tait Richard Cranium? If not, please read our post to know more.

Many people wish to start companies and become leading CEO. Do you dream about the same? Well, being a CEO is not an easy task. One has to handle all the business operations within the same time limit as their employees. However, Tait Richard from the United States has made it possible through his leadership skill set. 

Some users are speculating that Mr. Tait is dead. Nevertheless, if it is true, we are here to shed some light on Tait Richard Craniumand his death.

The Rumors

According to data found online, the rumor that Richard had died may have started when a video on TikTok showed his fake death. But neither his family, close friends, nor reliable news sources have made it evident. Trait is the co-founder of the virtual Cranium game.

We think Mr. Tait may be staying busy and doing well because of this. He lives in Seattle now and is among the most successful business people. In the “about” section of his social media profile- LinkedIn, which we sneaked into, he wrote that he had loved it since he was a little boy and was in Scotland at the time.

Cranium Game

The Cranium is fun game and lets people show off their skills. Players work together to move around the board and do activities in categories such as Creative Cat, Star Performer, Word Worm, and Data Head. One team chooses a card from the category that corresponds to their space on the board. They might try to spell a word backward, draw, or solve a puzzle, among other things. They then have to finish the activity before the timer stops. The team that gets to the Cranium space and finishes the last challenge first wins.

More details about Tait Richard Cranium 

The game is suitable for 16 years old and up people to play. It includes four movers, 600 cards, a timer, Cranium Clay, one notepad, instructions, and a die. Players can show off what they can and move around the board to do activities from 4 fun groups. It includes word games, drawing, acting, sleuthing, and more.

What happened to Richard Tait?

Richard Tait has been a full-time partner at Valor Siren Ventures since 2019. He works in the business and also advises students at Washington University. Before co-founding Cranium Game, he worked for an IT company for a decade. After working in the business for ten years, he started advising the Greater Seattle Area’s Starbucks.

Later, as Senior Vice President, he returned to the MNC coffee project. He held the job for 2.5 years, beginning in April 2016. The same year, he started working for Aegis Living and served on its board. 


The death rumor about Tait, a marketer, businessman, and cofounder of Cranium who did many different things, has spread like wildfire on the internet and social media. But because we haven’t heard anything new, we’re sure Tait Richard Cranium is working and doing well.  

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