Proven Strategies for Becoming a Successful Facebook Marketer

Facebook marketing can be one of the most effective ways for your company to gain traction.

With approximately 2 billion active users, Facebook is the most frequently visited social media worldwide. This platform gives businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and services to a massive audience.

Facebook offers many tools and options to optimize your resources and generate an organic reach. 

Once you get the hang of it, you can grow your business or even make a successful career in online marketing.

Let’s learn some strategies and techniques to apply that’ll make you a successful marketer on Facebook.

Identify Your Target Audience

The core of creating a successful marketing strategy lies in the target audience.

Take a look at your existing consumer base and narrow it down to the similarities between them. Pinpointing common characteristics such as gender, age range, region, and interests of your audience will help you learn more about your clientele.

Tools like Facebook Audience Insights will also help you understand your followers.

If you’re starting a new journey on the Facebook marketplace, market research will give you an idea of your potential audience. Conduct surveys and secondary research to determine where you stand. 

Set Reachable Goals 

You’ve got to start at point zero. Setting the right type of goals for your page will help you measure your results.

Understand your purpose. What are you trying to gain? Do you want to drive traffic to your website or increase your sales margin? Or do you merely wish to bring attention to your brand and cause?

According to your objectives, set achievable goals in a realistic timeline. For example, increase interactions by 50% in 10 months. 

Use the right tools to keep an eye on the progress.

Jumping in head first won’t help your business grow. Create a personalized plan. 

Sort Your Content

You probably have some ideas lined up in your mind about what type of posts should go on your page.

While an ad strategy is the base of a successful marketing plan, your content is the glue that holds it together. 

Ensure that you don’t have a monotonous theme. There are a variety of media you can post on Facebook. Prepare a mix of blog-like posts, videos, images, memes, gifs, and polls. Try to be flexible and relatable. 

Focus on the quality of your post over the quantity. Nobody likes getting hounded by boring advertisements. 

Create Test Campaigns

Before putting any large-scale ad campaign or marketing plan into motion, always run a test campaign to get an idea of how it will be received.

Allocate a small budget for the campaign.

Make use of Facebook’s Lookalike Audience to test the campaign on. This option allows a fresh, potential clientele to discover your brand.

Launch two or more different styles of ads to the same group of users and monitor the impact.

After it ends, improve your overall campaign and strategy based on the insights from the mock trial.   

Invest in Graphic Design & Written Content

The importance of graphic designers and content writers cannot be stressed enough.

Your content makes or breaks your branding. Strategizing and content development have equal standing in this plan. A strategic mind isn’t necessarily a creative one. That is where designers and writers come in.

Designers and developers make your vision a reality. Content writers will effectively communicate your idea to your customers. Together they create content that’s visually appealing, persuasive, and true to the brand.

If you can’t hire full-time content writers and designers, outsource professionals from Writers Per Hour and freelance graphic designers to suit your requirements. 

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have made it easier for users to advertise and market on their platform.

You’ll have control over the objectives of setting up an ad, be it creating awareness of your business, driving traffic to your page or website, increasing engagement, getting leads for your business, getting your app promoted, or increasing sales.

You get to choose your target audience based on the statistical data of said audience.

You’re offered a range of ad formats to select from, like video ads, carousel ads, picture ads, and more.

The placement of your ad is available across all platforms owned by Meta. That guarantees optimal reach. 

Schedule Your Facebook Posts 

 Consistency is key for any business to thrive.

In this case, updating your page regularly steadily grows it. Scheduling your posts ahead of time saves you time and effort.

First, find out at what time of the day are your followers most active via Facebook Insights.

Facebook allows you to plan multiple posts at once. Schedule them for the peak hours so it reaches the maximum of your audience.

This tactic allows you to plan ahead and stay on top of festive and seasonal promotions and campaigns.   

Engage With Your Followers’ Content

This approach is used by creators over all platforms of social media.

The premise of this tactic lies in mutual recognition. When you interact with your followers’ content, it shows them that you’re personable and trustworthy. Slowly, you build a relationship.

Respond to them when they post and discuss your business, and take all the feedback and criticisms. Encourage them to create more. Engaging with your followers’ content humanizes your brand.

Customer service is a vital part of marketing. 

Post Interactive Content 

 How do you determine what is and isn’t good content?

Posts that garner positive attention and spark discussions are good because they increase engagement and involvement with your brand in an organic way.

Upload polls and infographics that will get your followers to interact with your posts. Ask questions and request feedback.

Not only will this increase your interactions but also help you improve your brand and marketing strategy.

Show your audience that you care about their opinions. 

Collaborate With Social Media Influencers 

Collaborating with other creators can help you reach a bigger audience. Most influencers have niches, and their target audience could be a demographic that matches yours.  If you share a field of interest with a well-known creator, don’t hesitate to approach them.

The more creators you have on board, the better.

When popular influencers publicly post, review and talk about your brand, you’re instantly on the radar. Your business is promoted as a credible one.

Social media influencers and their followers often have a close relationship. Their recommendations and endorsements will appear more genuine and trustworthy compared to some advertising strategies. 

Create Events & Contests

Introduce hosting promotional events and contests on your page.

Hold Facebook events and seminars that may interest your followers. For example, if you’re an emerging fashion brand, you could get experts to discuss sustainability and fast fashion as it is something that has a significant effect on the environment. 

Get people involved. Host Facebook lives and open the floor to questions.

Whether you operate primarily online or offline, social media contests and giveaways are the best way to bring attention to your blog along with a skyrocketed response rate.

Contest prizes can include discounts, buy one get one, freebies, gift cards, and more. People love a gift! 

Reference Your Facebook Page Across All SNS 

Integrate all your social media accounts so you stay up to date across all social networking sites.

Add a link to your official Facebook page on all your socials to direct prospective customers to your main place of business.  

Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger can help you personalize your customer’s experience. This in turn increases customer loyalty.

More often, people prefer using messaging applications like WhatsApp and Messenger to communicate with business owners instead of email and phone calls because of the convenience.

There are options to add one or more ‘CTA’ buttons on your Facebook posts to redirect potential customers to private messaging.

You could also set up automation on Messenger for a uniform service.  

Share Customer Reviews

Sharing positive reviews is a tactical decision from a marketing point of view. Online reviews are part of your reputation. Not only that but the frequency of reviews being posted matters too!

Collecting and sharing customer testimonials has become routine in many aspects.

Whether you’re a huge enterprise or a small business, the first thing a customer would do is look you up online.

Your reviews should speak for you. Encourage (but don’t force) your customers to share their experience with your service or their review and opinion on your products.

Share those reviews on your Facebook and Instagram story and create a separate highlight for it, and keep updating them from time to time.

Track & Evaluate Your Growth

Remember those goals you set for your marketing strategy to play out? 

The only way to find out if you’ve reached them is by tracking your progress data and evaluating it. 

Keep an eye on your Facebook analytics. It’s used to track and analyze your page’s performance.

While Facebook has retired Analytics, check out these alternatives.


The evolution of Facebook from a mere social media website to a full-fledged digital marketplace is remarkable. 

Take the opportunity to grow your business and career in the comfort of your home, and don’t forget to follow the Facebook guidelines! 

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