7 Unspoken Rules Every Student Freelancer Must Know

We all know that students often live on a tight budget and are always looking for ways to make more money for a living. Compared to traditional jobs, freelancing sounds like a perfect solution for young people who need to combine work with full-time studies. And it really is. But if you decide to get into this industry, there are a few unspoken rules you need to keep in mind in order to achieve success. Let us tell you about the top seven of them!

Don’t Hesitate to Delegate

When starting their freelance journeys, many students ambitiously believe that they will be able to manage multiple work projects and all their academic assignments simultaneously. While this might be possible, such an approach typically leads to excessive stress and, eventually, burnout. Therefore the first rule is not to be afraid to delegate.

It’s okay if you start thinking, “I want to pay someone to write my paper,” because keeping up with everything is tough. If you have loads of assignments and also some work to do, consider looking for some academic help. Instead of pushing yourself to the limits, have a trusted essay writing service at hand. This way, you will be able to delegate some of your assignments to professionals, offload your schedule, and, thus, avoid stress and burnout.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”

Many aspiring freelancers, especially students who really need more money for a living, feel like they have to say yes to every job opportunity they receive. The truth is that this approach is quite destructive. Sometimes, you will come across unreliable or unfair customers. Also, there will be many projects that underpay or that you’re just not interested in. And there also might be occasions when your schedule is already packed, and you receive a new offer.

In all these cases, it’s okay to say no. If you are a freelancer, it means that you’re your own boss. That is, you have no obligation to put up with customers or projects that you don’t like or can’t handle at the moment. Yes, making money is important. But you deserve to be treated well, work on the tasks you like, and have a manageable workload.

Don’t Settle for Less

One of the hardest things about starting out as a freelancer is trying to identify the right rate for your services. Many beginners believe that the less they ask for, the faster they will be able to gain customers and start making money. While this is partially true, this is a path to a dead end.

If you can do something and you do it well, it’s crucial to know your real worth and not settle for less. If you underrate your own skills, so will everyone else, and eventually, you will end up doing lots of underpaid work. So the rule is to never settle for less than you deserve.

Don’t Believe the “I’ll Pay More Eventually” Tale

Trying to catch a promising customer, many beginners easily fall for the “Your paycheck will grow along with our business” or “I’ll be able to pay more eventually” speech. Of course, it always sounds tempting to have an opportunity to land a long-term project with the potential for salary growth. But the sad truth is that most customers who say this don’t really mean it.

Many experienced freelancers advise freshers to stay away from such customers. Eventually, they often either end up unable to afford the initial rate or end the contract as soon as you ask for higher pay.

Don’t Be Afraid to Act Like an Expert

Often, clients who give you a freelance contract expect you to follow a rather strict set of guidelines that you must follow. Sometimes, it’s better to do just that. However, it’s also crucial not to forget that they initially hired you as an expert in your field. So, at other times, asserting your expertise is not only appropriate but also beneficial.

If you feel like you could do something better than what’s required in the guidelines, don’t be afraid to share feedback and make suggestions. Of course, not all clients will appreciate it. But those who do appreciate it might become your loyal customers for years ahead thanks to your expertness and initiative.

The Client-Freelancer Relationships Can Vary

As a beginner, you might think that it’s your duty to build friendly relationships with every customer. But the truth is that not all clients are the same. Some might be very open, inviting, and easily engaged in a conversation. But others might be rather cold and not willing to communicate without the actual need. And both options are okay.

As a freelancer, your only duty is to deliver the best quality of work to keep your clients happy. Don’t do more than is required of you. And, most importantly, don’t worry if some customers aren’t friendly or open enough, it’s never your fault.

Never Expect to Get Rich Overnight

Now that this kind of work is incredibly popular, you may hear a lot that freelancing is very beneficial and well-paying. This is true. But don’t let this give you false expectations. Although this kind of job can be very rewarding, it never happens overnight.

The last rule you should keep in mind is to never expect to get rich in no time. Freelancing takes time. It can be hard to break into and establish yourself as a good expert. So be patient and take your time.

The Bottom Line

Starting your freelancing journey is both exciting and tough. As was mentioned earlier, this field is quite hard to get into. But if you do everything right, it can become a great job for you while in college and even beyond.

After reading this article, you know some of the most crucial unspoken rules for student freelancers. Keep them in mind from now on to have the best experience and achieve success!

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