Stolp Wordle {July 2022} Get The Exact Wordle Answer!

In this post, we have discussed the correct answer for Stolp Wordle. What is the meaning of STOLP, and much more about this word?

Have you solved the recent wordle game, or are you still looking for the correct answer? Did you able to make the right guess or lose the game? As wordle gets more challenging daily, getting the correct answer becomes trouble for players. People in the United KingdomCanada, and the United States face problems solving the wordle. So, here you will get the hints to solve your yesterday worldle and correct answer for Stolp Wordle, which the people misunderstand.

What is the correct Answer for Yesterday’s Wordle?

On July 28, it was 404, wordle, which is misunderstood by many people, the word that needs to be filled is STOMP. It means heavily, noisily, which is generally used to show anger. Unfortunately, many people used the wrong word and filled the Stolp insisted of STOMP. 

A player can guess six times to find the right answer. In case it is not correct on either six-time, you will lose the game. The game has simple rules, including the wordle refresh every midnight, you can guess only six times, and much more. 

What is Stolp Definition?

There is no such definition for Stolp found on the internet, but it is used as a surname for people who are carpenters by occupation. The word has come from the Middle High German and Middle Low German word “STOLLE”; this word means to frame and support. So it might be used as a nickname for a stubborn or rigid person. 

As you have only six attempts to try the game, don’t make a wrong guess until you know the exact meaning of the world. So, be careful with your guess, as you will lose the game after six attempts.

Is Stolp a Word?

Stolp is not a valid word in the English dictionary, but it can be used as a German Surname and a place in Poland. The Slupsk is a city in Pomerania, Germany which has similarly pounced as Stolp.

In Dutch, Stolp is a word which means glass bell or jar bell. However, in English, no exact meaning of the word is found. 

Correct Answer for Previous Wordle

If you are a wordle true fan, you might also strike in some previous wordle guesses. So here is the correct answer for some previous wordle which might help you in future. To know more about Stolp Wordlekeep reading the article.

The correct answer for 403 Wordle was MOTTO. The 402 correct answer was CINCH, and before that, the correct answer was ELOPE. Then before that, the correct answer was POWER. So these are some of the right answers for the previous wordle. 


In yesterday’s wordle, many people used the wrong word; the correct answer for July 28 was STOMP. Unfortunately, this is a bad guess; many people lose the game by misunderstanding with STOLP. To know more about wordle, Click Here.

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