Small Screen Gems: TV Shows to Brighten Your Day

Are you excited for your upcoming weekend? Indeed, weekends truly offer us the perfect opportunity to relax, providing a chance to escape from the daily demands of work or school. Here are some great shows that you can binge-watch and make your weekend enjoyable

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is a series set in New York City’s Upper East Side, focusing on the lives of privileged high school students who navigate adolescence, relationships, and the social elite. The series is known for its mysterious blogger, Gossip Girl, who exposes their secrets and scandals.

Emily In Paris

Emily in Paris is a comedy-drama series about a young marketing executive, Emily Cooper, who moves to Paris after her company acquires a luxury firm. The series explores themes of culture shock, workplace challenges, love, and personal growth as Emily navigates the high-stakes world of Parisian fashion and marketing.

Stranger Things

The nostalgia cycle in popular culture involves decision-makers who create a culture revisiting their childhood. Recently, popular culture has brought back your youth. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes not. Stranger Things takes place in mid-1980s rural Indiana. The story begins with a lost boy. Stranger things are better without context. In summary, a secret laboratory outside this little Indiana town has been conducting illegal experiments and releasing frightening abilities. The series’ 1980s scenario and retro style are also great. The credits’ artwork and music match the era. 

Having. Like King’s Carrie, teens represent adulthood’s miseries. They progress from naive to heroes by the end. Spielberg’s 1980s flicks juxtaposed childlike delight with adult despair. Adults—like actual adults—carry the story’s burden because they know there is no happy ending. David Harbour is a great city police chief. Harbour is known for his misery. He expresses regret and anger.

The Glory

Korean dramas consistently feature disturbing and haunting tales of high school bullying and its devastating effects. Just Like All of Us Are Dead depicts a group of bullies running amok in a school, nearly driving a girl to suicide, while My ID is Gangnam Beauty follows a girl who is bullied so severely about her looks that she undergoes plastic surgery. Both films provide an uncomfortable backstory, but one of them also provides a rather keen insight into the torments at high schools and how they almost drive people to the edge. Victims often begin on a path of forgiveness as they learn to accept themselves and let the universe sort out the bullies. But in her newest drama, The Glory, Song Hye-kyo does not play a peacemaker. She plans on getting icy revenge, leaving little room for her attackers to catch their breath.


If you have a taste for grim mysteries and brutal scenes, you’ll like this. Mouse centers on the investigation of psychopaths and serial murderers. Serial killer the HeadHunter, who stunned the country with his grisly techniques of murder, is the center of the premiere episode. Research at the time indicated that prenatal screening for the psychopath gene was feasible. The government considered legalizing the test so that those who had the psychopath gene might terminate their children but eventually decided against it.

Now, many years later, we see a young child roaming around the streets, who has the classic characteristics of a psychopath. When the serial killings began years later, the main characters, Jung Ba Reum and Go Moo Chi, went in search of those responsible. This drama has a remarkably wide cast of characters and plotlines. In the first two episodes, the tiny psychopathic boy’s rapid jumps confuse and distract viewers. The small boy may or may not be the Head Hunter’s son in the first episode, but he is clearly the one. To keep us guessing about what happened and who committed the crime, the drama was expertly handled, or at least perfectly edited, which makes it worth appraising especially from the critics who want to watch HBO Max in Canada The show aired supplementary episodes weeks later to explain all the plot twists.


Lupin is a must-watch series for fans of heist films and skilled thieves. You can easily stream this fantastic series on Netflix and explore its intriguing plot at your convenience. Lupin promises an exciting weekend filled with suspense and captivating plot twists, all from the comfort of your own home. This series is inspired by the French mystery thriller TV series, which revolves around the adventures of Arsène Lupin, a clever gentleman thief and master of disguise created by Maurice Leblanc. The show introduces us to Assane Diop, a modern-day gentleman thief influenced by Lupin, as he begins on a quest for revenge against a wealthy family responsible for his father’s tragic fate.

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