Slow Burn K-Dramas that Will Leave You Punching the Air

If you have not noticed yet, it is the era of K-Dramas. From intense romance to realistic stories followed by melodrama and some money problems, we see love being tested left and right. This might seem like a plot of every other romance series but why do we love K-dramas so much? Well, to sum it up, Korean dramas come with a lot of complex plots that are intense, leaving the viewer on the edge of the seat. Even if you try to put yourself in the situation of the lead actors, you will still feel the intensity of the situation burning through your body.

Regardless of whatever drama you choose, we see consistency in the plot. The main leads are there for the long term and you know, there is nothing strong enough to separate them. One of the most talked about genres is the slow-burning romance. 

In these dramas, the main lead takes time to build a relationship, which leaves the viewer punching the air with frustration. These dramas seem so close to reality that you might feel like it’s time to give up.

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5 Slow Burn K Dramas That Will Leave You Punching the Air

  • My Liberation Notes

Available on: Netflix 

Number of episodes: 16

Synopsis: Three siblings living in a small town, barely spending the days of their lackluster life away from love and feelings get a stir in mundane life when a mysterious man shifts to their neighborhood. 

Liberation Notes is a slow-burn drama with a very complex plot. From keeping their viewers on the edge of their seats to making them feel frustrated, you will feel intense emotions throughout. 

While most people think that liberation notes are a love letter for introverts, the majority of the viewers feel it perfectly explains the restlessness most of them feel due to the corporate lifestyle. As a hyper-productive corporate country, there is no other country than Korea that can truly pen down the story of misfits trying to balance the metropolitan lifestyle with a suburban heart. 

  • Something in the Rain

Available on: Netflix 

Number of episodes: 16

Synopsis: Stuck in her 30s and living an unexciting life, a woman falls in love with the younger brother of her best friend and it quickly shakes her life and relationships to the core 

If you are truly looking for a drama that will make you question love and maturity, add this one to your watchlist. While most people keep talking about walking red flags and toxic relationships, this drama explains how passionate love can change the course of your life. 

So far, no other show has come close to what Something in the Rain has to offer. To make things more interesting you will also get to know how consistency and friendship can be important in your life. A very heartfelt, soothing, and easy-on-the-eyes relationship that will make you fall in love with both actors at the same time. 

  • I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice

Available on: Netflix 

Number of episodes: 16

Synopsis: A woman tired of her life in the metropolitan city takes a slow route and shifts back to her suburban home, only to spark the old romance, rekindle her old friendship, and fall in love with life all over again.

We all look for an escape route when life in a big city becomes too much to handle for us. While most people find it hard to quit and say goodbye, others drag themselves to work every day regardless of the situation. This drama is a motivational letter for all the tired souls stuck in their 9-5 life barely dragging their days. While most people might feel the story leaves you high and dry, others feel it needs a slow ending. 

Regardless of what you think, this is a perfect fit for everyone who is looking for a cozy weekend. 

  • One Spring Night

Available on: Netflix 

Number of episodes: 16

Synopsis: A woman hungover, getting late for work comes across the pharmacist who later changes her perspective about life and healthy relationships offering just the right amount of love needed to sustain life 

Not for the faint-hearted, this is a drama that will leave you frustrated. If you have never experienced 7 stages of grief, this is a drama that you need to watch right away. There is no doubt that most people feel it is a mature romance that might not appeal to teenagers but if you like a realistic romance story, this is a perfect pick for you. 

  • The Interest of Love

Available on: Netflix 

Number of episodes: 16

Synopsis: Working in a bank, groups of colleagues are entangled in a complex office romance 

One of the most complex dramas that will leave you punching the air out of frustration, this is a slow-burning romance that is mixed with a reality check. No passionate love or a story of intensity, this drama is a calm water that will flow by unnoticeably and then become a tornado in no time. This is not a drama that will appeal to the masses but for introverts and misfits, it surely is a perfect pick. 

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that in today’s world, we like fast-paced dramas where every episode offers us some thrill and a lot of twists and turns to talk about. However, slow-burning mature romance is the only genre that will give you a reality check, keep you entrained, and leave you yearning for more. 

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