5 Ways a Self Storage Business Can Drive More Leads

A post from your company will not have the reach you expect instantly. Any new brand develops with time by getting more leads and fetching more people. Building up the reach to thousands can bring leads to a few hundred. Brands need to spend some time building their presence, but for growing fast with more leads they need some time. 

Hire Social Media Manager

You might have difficulty handling different social platforms at the same time for your brand. But a social media manager will seamlessly maintain relevant growth on all the social platforms. Hiring an experienced manager will bring you the growth of months in a matter of days. Constant activity everywhere seems to attract attention. 

Search engine optimization is a strategy known to a few experts only. Presenting the self-storage facility in the right manner is possible only with the help of experts. They know the ways in which posts get to reach people through specific tags and also end up on the trending list. With the intense effort of the social media managers, the reach can be thousands to millions within a few months of functioning. 

Provide Images Worth Sharing

Every business presentation is the key to attracting attention. There are already so many self-storage companies serving people with multiple options. Business owners need to provide images and also short videos of things that make them unique. This can include the top-notch security or their staff helping out renters. It then puts forward a positive image of the brand. 

Attractive images and videos of the facility and storage spaces can attract people. It is important not to lure people with fake publicity as it creates a negative impact. Along with shares of the post, the images reach more people who would like to rent the storage space. 

Create Lead-Developing Content with Content Creators

If you are creating content, there is no chance that from the first post people can reach a million people. Collaborating with the creators who already have an established fanbase is the best idea here. Firstly, people from the niche of real estate are going to have an audience that genuinely needs such facilities. 

Secondly, creators who generally create lead-developing content will have more views with the content they create for you. Paid promotion with creators and influencers has helped many brands and it will always continue. Select the influencer wisely based on their audience and only if it matches the business model. 

Design a website or App 

Customers rent out spaces where they get easy access to a company website or any app that handles everything. Create a brand website or app that offers the chance to pay rent from anywhere and it will be an instant hit. People tend to create a website that has a simple user index for everyone. 

Contacting the main office to seek status about the rented spaces is just a click away. Customers like the companies where they can stay in touch as they need. Staying connected with the customers creates a positive impact that attracts others to join in. The website must serve all the needs like providing alerts for security or the last day of accessing the facility as real-time data. 

Build Better Customer Relationships with Offers

Customers find offers really attractive because it cuts a lot of their expenses. While launching a new self-storage facility start with giving the leads offers online. If people get to start with an offer for the first few months, it is likely for them to stay with the facility. Self-storage businesses can bank on this and create an iconic storage facility for them. 

Always attract attention through online and offline offers using coupons. As people start coming, give them some loyalty offers so that they stay with the facility. This builds up a strong customer relationship and they tend to attract more people again to buy self-storage units. 


Self-storage businesses get better leads when they have a strong social presence. More people seeing the amenities or attractive designs of the facility makes it easier to gain customers. With shares on social media and also the word-of-mouth of the customers, new people start renting out spaces. This keeps the brand growing and reaching out to more people instantly. 

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