Roads Notice Scam {Oct} Check How To Escape From It!

In Roads Notice Scam, we will learn the most common tricks used by scammers on the road and see how to avoid these.

Are you aware of different road scams going on in Australia? Did you ever trick by a scammer? People are reporting different types of scams day to day!

Email, text messages, and social media are different media scammers use to trick people nowadays. We are here discussing the Roads Notice Scam.


What is the latest news?

Scammers plan different means to trick people on the road. Here we will discuss some common and popular scams going on in Australia.

Toll pay has become a common way used by scammers to trick individuals. The text message with a due date, amount, and payment link is sent to several drivers. In the message, scammers ask to pay within the deadline from the given link.

However, that link redirects to an unauthentic website that aims to steal banking and personal information.

Another way people are often tricked is the Roads Notice Scam. The road notice is diverting or blocking roads in some rural areas. Once tourists reach that area, money is asked to open the blockage.

If you say “no” in such a situation, they will ask you to find another way or return from where you started.

There is another popular road scam, a flat tire scam. In flat tire scams, individuals are distracted either asking for help to replace a flat tire or giving help for your flat tire. It is a trick where they place nails on the road that lead to flattening tires. In return for asking for help, they distract you and steal your expensive belongings.

Roads Notice Scam- how to escape from it?

Certain situations that the scammer planned appear realistic but are to fool individuals, and you can apply some tricks to differentiate between the two:

  • Be aware of text messages and emails redirecting you to unauthentic websites.
  • Do not provide personal and banking-related information to any website.
  • If you witness a road blockage incident asking for money in return, report it to the police.
  • You must be aware of different scams, act wisely, and try not to fall into their trap.


Roads Notice Scam is a common way of tricking people by scammers. If you are a frequent commuter, you must be aware of these scams and try not to fall into their trap. You can learn about different types of road scams here.

Have you ever been the victim of any scam? Comment and let us know about the incident.

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