Has Riverdale Actor Murdered Mother of Him – Has He Actually Kills Mom? Is Ryan Grantham Starring in that Series? Know Rolle Personagem & Instagram Details!

The article discusses the facts of the Riverdale Actor Murdered Mother incident and describes the present situation.

What do you know about Ryan Grantham? The “Riverdale” famous actor is now in jail for accused murder of his mother. On 21 September 2022 (Wednesday), the Supreme Court of Canada gave the rule. 

The news is also spreading in the United States. The court has charged him with second-degree murder, and many want to know about Riverdale Actor Murdered Mother.

What is the case? 

Ryan is accused of killing his mother with a gun. Ryan shot her from the back while playing the piano at home. But without informing anybody, Ryan went out on a motorbike with the gun and cocktails to the Rideau Cottage. Prosecutors told in court it was cold-blooded murder two years back.

Riverdale Actor Kills Mom

The incident took place on 31 March 2020. The name of Ryan’s mother was Barbara Waite. She was a 64-year-old lady. She was a piano player. At the time of facing the gunshot, Barbara was playing the piano. Ryan suddenly fires the gun at her from the back. She died immediately. In court, Ryan confessed to the crime.

Ryan Grantham Riverdale Personagem

The court believes the movie fame Ryan has psychological problems. After committing the murder, he moved to another place. Later, police rescue his mother’s body from the house. 

For his crime, the court has decided to send him to jail for a lifetime. The court said it was a heartbreaking incident. The Actor is also famous as Ryan Grantham in Riverdale.

Other consequences

The court has taken a tough decision against the Actor. Ryan is now 24 years old. Court has given him life imprisonment. Even the Judge said before the 14 years of imprisonment, Ryan couldn’t get any parole. 

Many law experts said they accepted the verdict. In this country, the second-degree murderer gets life imprisonment. After the verdict, many checked Ryan Grantham Riverdale Instagram.

Why is the News Trending? 

Ryan became a star after the movie “Riverdale”. He played a compassionate role in the film. But people were shocked when they learned about the news and the murder case.

Note – The details have been taken from reliable internet sources. 


Many experts say it is horrific news for society. The people like Ryan should be in prison. For now, Ryan needs to spend time in jail. For his notorious crime, people may forget his Ryan Grantham Riverdale Rolle

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