Rapper Pnb Rock Shot Los Angeles: What Is His Real Name? What And How He Had Been Killed? Is He Still Alive Or Dead?

The post discusses Rapper Pnb Rock Shot Los Angeles news and explains further about the incident.

The world woke up to the shocking news of Pnb Rock rapper’s sudden demise. As soon as the information was leaked out, the internet splurged with questions about the rapper across the United States. Besides, all the fans are stunned to hear about his death.

However, to stop any speculations and rumours that spread on the internet very soon, we decided to conduct detailed research and bring information about Rapper Pnb Rock Shot Los Angeles and other related data. So continue to read.

What happened to Pnb Rock?

Pnb Rock died on Monday afternoon, i.e. 12 September 2022, in Los Angeles in the United States. As per reports, he became a victim of a fatal shooting. The event took place at a restaurant named House of Chicken ‘N Waffles with his girlfriend.

Furthermore, according to the sources, the incident occurred at 1.23 pm on a Monday afternoon, according to TMZ law enforcement. Besides, graphic footage currently circulating across the internet showcases Rakim Hasheem Allen, who is Pnb Rock Real Name, being shot by robbers. In the below paragraphs, we will continue to provide further information about the rapper and insight into the incident.

A Gist About Pnb Rock Rapper

  • Pnb Rock alias Rakim Hasheem Allen was born on 09 December 1991
  • He was 30 years of age at the time of his death
  • Additionally, he was also a singer who hailed from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Furthermore, he also released his singles like Selfish in 2016 and Fleek in 2015 and got to the 51st position in the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.
  • He was killed and died on 12 September 2022 in a robbery.

Pnb Rock Killed – What took place?

Pnb rapper was shot during a robbery attack. According to the sources, he was at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles along with his girlfriend. He has two children. As per research, the attackers robbed the rapper of his jewellery.

The incident took place at 1.23 pm. Shortly after the incident, the graphic footage circulated across the internet. The forage shows the rapper trying to fight for his life when being attacked.

Coming further to the question of Is Pnb Rock Dead or Alive, as per the police, the victim was taken to the hospital, and there he was pronounced dead at 1.59 pm. There are no further details divulged by the police.

Final Conclusion

Furthermore, the victim got shot and ran towards the side door, wherein he fled to the parking lot. However, no one else got injured in the shooting. Besides, all the information provided here is taken from internet sources. In addition, we hold no claim to any information provided.

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