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This is a well-researched article about Quardle Website Play. It holds every basic detail the reader may want to know.  

Are you a parent who wants to increase the IQ level of their child? Are you in search of a website that may avail you of your favourite game? Let us tell the readers that this article is here to answer every query about Quardle Website.

So, have you ever played Quardle? Are puzzle games your favourite, and do you find them attractive? 

So, here the present writes up will tell you that countries like Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand have a great Quardle Website Play

Now let us find out all the details about this game. 

What is the Website?  

It is a type of website that provides games that increase knowledge. It is managed through the NYC organization.

The functioning of this website is very new, as it is dedicated to providing such games which can help in the brain development of children. Also, it was recently created in the year 2021. 

Scroll down the below headers to know the Quardle game features and other relevant information.

Does Quardle Website Play provide free games? 

Yes, this website provides free Quardle games on the website. 

  • It is a completely free online gaming website where games are available for free for 24 hrs. 
  • This website is famous for bringing different types of games related to the IQ level of kids. 
  • The games it provides are such as puzzles and word connecting games. 

Why is the website topic trending?

Nowadays, this is a trending topic because parents are very excited about this newly launched gaming platform. 

Every parent wants their child to be the best at what they do. So, Quardle Website Play claims to increase the child’s brain ability. That is why parents want this game to be played by their children. 

Now let us know how to Play the available Quardle game. 

How to play Quardle? 

  • The game of Quardle comes with a new word daily.
  • Players are supposed to guess a single word at a time. 
  • There is colour based guessing available in the game. 
  • The green colour indicates the right answer, while red indicates the wrong answer.
  • According to New Addition, players can guess 12 times and win exciting prizes. 
  • There will be words shown on the Quardle Website Play screen, and players will guess 5 combinations of words from them. 

The legitimacy of the Quardle website

There is no information regarding the website online that may talk about its legitimacy other than the website URL and the creation year.

  • Website URL- https://www.quordle.com/#/practice
  • Year of creation- 2021
  • But after visiting the official website of Quardle, we can say that it has an amazing quality of games collection and can be trusted. 

Final statement 

After reviewing all the present information from different sources, this writer would like to conclude that the Quardle Website Play is a good gaming platform that can be trusted in the case of children. 

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