Top 5 Puppeteer Alternatives To Checkout

Puppeteer, a node.js tool, provides a robust API for automating your browser. You will still need to specify the majority of the instructions even though it supports headless running in both Chrome and Chromium. Puppeteer’s widespread use is a result of its smooth interaction with open-source browsers like Chromium and Chrome. With this module, the Chrome DevTools team put all on the line, enabling functions like PDF generation and screenshot taking. Furthermore, it’s quite simple to start your browser automation process using our open-source Node package. The interface is compatible with Chrome and can communicate with it in addition to that. There are many Puppeteer alternatives that are useful for web browsers.

Most popular Puppeteer alternatives: 

  • Testsigma: Comparatively speaking, Testsigma is a relatively new alternative. All applications and testing automation functionalities will be housed under one roof thanks to this open-source initiative. It does an excellent job of building a cohesive ecosystem for both online and mobile app testing. This facilitates user creation and testing of applications, bug fixes, and much more for all kinds of apps across various browsers. One of the main advantages of utilizing Testsigma as a testing library is its support for a variety of browsers. In contrast to Puppeteer, which only supports Chrome and Chromium, this is a significant advantage. This enables you to test your applications using the user interfaces of other browsers besides only Chrome. Furthermore, you must comprehend that Testsigma is a testing platform intended for widespread use.
  • Urlbox: You’ll need to hunt for an alternative if you want to automate different browsers besides Chrome. A high-level API called Urlbox beats Puppeteer in many key areas. First off, one of the greatest services for taking screenshots and screen scraping is thought to be offered by UrlBox. Working diligently to ensure accurate representation of every minute aspect, including fonts and emojis, is their crew. Urlbox effortlessly integrates with Flexbox and Grid to provide you with the best automation experience, while other APIs struggle to accommodate the current CSS features.
  • Playwright: It is another Node library, similar to Puppeteer, that offers a tonne of high-level API needed for desktop automation. Since the initial version of Microsoft’s puppeteer was launched in January 2020, it has been a fierce rival to Puppeteer. The primary reason for this is that the leading members of the Puppeteer team later joined the Playwright team. Because of this, the stated APIs and how they function in the two libraries are extremely similar. The number of browsers they can handle, though, is a key point of distinction.
  • CasperJ: Similar to Testsigma, CasperJs is an open-source project, although it focuses on navigation scripting and functions as a testing tool. For PhantomJS WebKit headless browsers to utilize them, all of the code was written in JavaScript. Essentially, this serves as a collection of tools that can be used to create various situations and test your applications without opening the browser.
  • Cypress: You may test your software using the free and open-source Cypress test execution tool. Most programmers and engineers who work on test automation like it since it leverages JavaScript. The end-to-end testing tool enables you to write scripts and execute them quickly. To view the details and snap specific screenshots, you may also mouse over particular commands.

Software testers use automated testing software tools to carry out test cases in automated software testing, a software testing technique. By automating the test suite, repetitive, resource-intensive operations that are challenging to complete manually can be completed more quickly and with less effort.

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