[Update] Pokimane Wardrobe Reddit: Curious To Check The Video Clip Link Went Viral On Twitter, Instagram & Telegram Handles!

This article provides information about the Pokimane Wardrobe Reddit incident and tells the readers about her fans’ reactions.

Do you want to know the latest news about the famous internet star Pokimane? Recently, a video got viral on the internet, which is available to users in the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Australia and the United Kingdom about Pokimane’s Wardrobe Malfunction. 

If you are looking for genuine information about the whole incident and want to know about the Pokimane Wardrobe Reddit, then start reading the article.

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Why is the video of Pokimane trending on the internet?

Pokimane, a trending star on the internet, became the victim of a wardrobe malfunction on her live Twitter streaming. In the video, it is seen that she accidentally got her top opened, which exposed her upper body while she was living with her fans. 


Why is the video of Pokimane trending on the internet

Video Clip Viral Link On Twitter– What happened in the video?

In the video, it is seen that Pokimane was accidentally exposed to a wardrobe malfunction, which exposed her upper body to the camera. The incident happened on 15 November 2022 when she was streaming a game called overwatch 2. 

During the video, her chest comes out from her top, but after that, she starts adjusting her clothes behind the camera. The camera captured all the moments, which made her delete the footage, but some of her viewers recorded the video and made it viral on the internet. 

Where is the video available on the internet?

Different users have circulated different links on Telegram, Reddit and other platforms. However, many comments on social media platforms show that people want to see the video to entertain themselves.

However, some users feel sympathy for Pokimane as the incident happened while she played Overwatch 2. For her fans, it is hard to see her video on the internet, which is why they request to take down the video. 

Who is Pokimane?

Let’s know about the personal details of Pokimane and see her achievements and net worth in detail, including her Instagram account details.

Real Name-  Imane Anys
Nick Name- Pokimane
Age- 26
Date of Birth- 14 May 1996
Nationality- Canadian- American
Zodiac Sign- Taurus
Profession- YouTube Star
Religion- Christianity
TV shows and Movies- Free Guy, In Space with Markiplier and Streaming IRL with Pokimane
Net worth- $2.2 million
Marital status- Single
Siblings- One brother
Parents’ name- Not Mentioned
Instagram followers- 6.1 million

Pokimane famous streaming videos 

Pokimane is known for streaming videos of games and other things. However, the viewers like to watch when she streams about games like League of legends and Fortnite. The Pokimane Wardrobe Reddit incident happened on her prime channel with millions of followers.

 She also has different channels on YouTube in which she gives different content Pokimane’s secondary channel gives the video of ASMR- related and another channel features vlogs. 

Apart from streaming, she also interacted with her fans and talked to them through chats. 

Are there any other related cases of viral videos?

Nowadays, many videos are getting viral without the person’s knowledge, which makes everyone concerned about their private life. Cases like Pinay Cemetery, Wisconsin women’s volleyball team, the senators’ video and many more are viral on the internet, like Pokimane Wardrobe Reddit

The authorities are blocking the video on the Reddit platform; the Pokimane video has been removed by the person who posted it. However, as the video got viral on the internet, the star felt ashamed for the act, although it was an accident.

Social media links

Final Words 

The wardrobe malfunction video gained a lot of unwanted attention, which caused problems for Pokimane. However, no official statement came out from her and other social media handles for taking down the video. Check out the link here

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Pokimane Wardrobe Reddit– FAQs

1:Who is Pokimane?

A: Pokimane is a famous content creator and YouTube Streamer.

2: When did the wardrobe malfunction incident happen?

A: 15 November 2022.

3: What’s the net worth of Pokimane?

A: The net worth of Pokimane is $2.2 million

4: Is the video still available on the internet?

A: The video is taken down from Reddit, but we are not sure about other platforms. 

5: What’s the real name of Pokimane?

A: The real name of Pokimane is Imane Anys.

6: What happened on the live stream?

A: Pokimane’s upper body got naked while she was streaming online.

7: How many followers does Pokimane have on Instagram?

A: 6.1 million followers.

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