Poke Pet Shop Reviews {Nov 2023} Is This Scam or Legit?

Deepen your understanding by delving into Poke Pet Shop Reviews. Acquire valuable insights to make well-informed decisions regarding reliability.

What if you could have a small friend with a vibrant personality? Dogs are the ones who can fulfil everything for an animal lover. If you are looking for a personalized gift for a dog lover, then Poke Pet Shop can be the right place. However, its legitimacy needs investigation.

Explore some insight on the site and the feedback from their purchaser to learn their genuineness. Read Poke Pet Shop Reviews to get some extra input.

pokepetshop.com customer viewpoint

If you visit the PoketPetShop website looking for people’s experiences, you will notice there is a lot of feedback in the review section. It mentions product quality, uniqueness and more. No one has shared their thoughts about the product on pokepetshop.com on external sites.

The presence of reviews makes it easy for people who want to buy the product because it gives support to understand what others think. Additionally, ensure that, Is Poke Pet Shop Scam or Legit from the below information.

About pokepetshop.com

At pokepetshop.com, their mission revolves around creating a special marketplace for animal enthusiasts. The team dedicates its work to a unique and personalized gifting experience for its buyers. It aims to echo customer’s love for animals through amazing digital artwork.

At pokepetshop.com, their work is to turn their pets, friends or any loved ones into customized Poke Pet cards, Pokepet Blankets, Couples cards and more.

However, its investigation to learn more about Poke Pet Shop Reviews is essential. So, get it in the coming notes.

Specifications of pokepetshop.com: 

  • pokepetshop.com functions as an e-commerce platform.
  • The website is https://www.pokepetshop.com/
  • Get your concerns resolved at info@pokepetshop.com. Reply can be expected within twenty-four hours.
  • Calls is taken at 321-341-9360. You can get connected on the phone between 10:30 pm and 5:30 pm.
  • Location is 11300 Space Blvd, Suite 4, Orlando, Florida-32837, USA.
  • Track using the order number.
  • The refund, return, delivery, and shipping details are unclear. 
  • Pay is done at checkout through Shop, Visa, Discover, Master, Paypal, Apple Pay, Amex, and more.

Is Poke Pet Shop Scam or Legit?

  • The pokepetshop.com trust score hit 25 out of 100.
  • The site got itself into the online market three years back.
  • The date of registration of its domain is 05th November 2020.
  • Its renewal date is completed, which was 05th November 2023.
  • To date, the site ranks at 640901 in the Alexa system.
  • Globally ranked at 2,246414, and inside the country, its ranking is 442,159.
  • Poke Pet Shop Reviews products are highly positive, with valuable inputs from consumers. The total number of visitors to pokepetshop.com is 19K.
  • Pages per visit are 0.64, with a bounce rate of 52.19 percent.
  • The average duration visitors stay on this page is 02 minutes 15 seconds.


  • Unique custom pet cards.
  • Support for global artists.
  • Easy order tracking system. 


  • Renewal is not done after expiry.
  • Unclear refund and return policy.
  • Missing shipping cost details.
  • Limited information on artists and owners.

Poke Pet Shop Reviews

Reviews for pokepetshop.com highlight the ease of customization, from choosing unique backgrounds to providing specific editing instructions. At the same time, some note a slight clarity difference between the proof and the final product. 

The overall sentiment is highly positive, praising fast delivery, fantastic cartoonist work, and the perfect blend of personalized and funny elements.

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In conclusion, PokePetShop.com presents an appealing platform for unique custom pet cards, supported by positive feedback and detailed information. However, the absence of a renewed registration date and a high-risk trust score bring about concerns regarding the site’s reliability.

Check how to get a refund on a credit card if scammed for safety.

Do you have any experience with pokepetshop.com? Give your input in the comments.

Poke Pet Shop Reviews: FAQs

Q1 Who is the owner of Poke Pet Shop?

A: The owner of Poke Pet Shop is currently undisclosed.

Q2: What is the price range for products on Poke Pet Shop?

A: The price range varies, offering options to suit different budgets.

Q3 Is the website’s registration date renewed after expiry?

A: No

Q4: What types of products does Poke Pet Shop offer?

A: Poke Pet Shop specializes in unique and personalized custom pet cards.

Disclaimer: We do not promote what’s being sold on the website, even though we check to make sure it’s genuine. While we recognize the special features of the site, we are not endorsing or actively supporting their products.

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