Five Tips for Parents Pursuing an Online Degree

Are you a parent who wants to pursue an online degree but feels overwhelmed by the thought of juggling family, work, and education? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! Many parents face the same challenges when it comes to balancing their responsibilities while advancing their education. Pursuing an online degree can be a great solution to this problem, but it does require careful planning and organization. In this article, we’ll share practical tips to help you achieve your educational goals while still being there for your family and fulfilling your work duties.

Choose the right program:

Choosing the right program that fits your lifestyle, career goals, and financial situation is essential. With so many online programs available, selecting the right one can be confusing. Therefore, it’s critical to take the time to research and evaluate the available options carefully.

Firstly, it’s essential to consider your schedule when selecting an online program. As a parent, your time is valuable, and you need a program that can accommodate your busy life. 

Secondly, consider your career goals when selecting an online program. Think about the field you want to work in and the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. For instance, if you wish to pursue a career in accounting, an online Master of Accountancy degree is an excellent option.

Create a schedule:

Creating a schedule is vital for parents pursuing an online course. It helps you stay on track and ensure you have time for family, work, and education. However, creating a schedule can be daunting, especially when you have a lot on your plate. Here are some friendly and easy-to-follow tips for creating a plan:

  1. Use a planner or digital calendar: This will help you keep track of important dates, deadlines, and appointments. It’s essential to include both personal and academic tasks in your schedule.
  2. Prioritize your tasks: Determine the essential duties and prioritize them accordingly. This will help you stay focused and ensure you’re making progress toward your goals.
  3. Be realistic: When creating your schedule, ensure you’re realistic about the available time. Refrain from overcommitting yourself or trying to cram too much into one day. Remember, it’s better to accomplish a few tasks well than to rush through many tasks and not do them effectively.
  4. Schedule breaks: Taking breaks is crucial for maintaining your energy and focus. Make sure to include time for exercise and relaxation.
  5. Review and adjust your schedule regularly: Your schedule should be flexible and adaptable. Periodically review your plan and make adjustments as necessary to accommodate unexpected events or changes in your routine.

Manage your time effectively:

Effectively managing time is paramount for parents pursuing an online program. It aids in balancing their responsibilities, staying organized, and preventing burnout. Hence, here are some tips to follow to ensure adequate time management.

  1. Minimize Distractions: Distractions can be your enemy when it comes to productivity. Set boundaries by turning off your phone, avoiding social media, and creating a dedicated workspace free from distractions.
  2. Use Time-Blocking: Time-blocking is an effective technique that involves scheduling your tasks into specific time slots throughout the day. This will help you keep on track and verify you’re making progress toward your goals.
  3. Take Advantage of Downtime: You may have limited parental free time. Use your downtime, such as waiting for appointments or during your child’s nap, to complete small tasks or review course materials.

Communicate with Your Family:

Communicating with your family is critical to successfully balancing parenthood and online learning. Pursuing an online degree requires significant time and effort, so it’s essential to ensure your family understands your goals and the sacrifices you may need to make.

Here are some ways you can effectively communicate with your family:

  1. Explain Your Goals: Sit down with your family and explain why you have pursued an online degree. Share your goals and how this further education will benefit you and the family in the long run. This can create a shared purpose and motivate everyone to support you.
  2. Be Clear About Your Schedule: Include the days and times you plan to study and when you need uninterrupted time to focus. Let your family know when you have assignments due, exams coming up, or other important deadlines to meet. Be clear about your availability and any changes that may occur in your routine.
  3. Ask for Help: Parenting is group work, and asking for help when needed is essential. Let your partner or family members know when you need support with childcare, meal prep, or household chores. It’s okay to delegate some of your responsibilities to others so that you can focus on your studies.
  4. Celebrate Your Achievements: Share your achievements with your family, no matter how small they may be. This can create a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to keep going. 

Seek help:

Juggling multiple responsibilities can be challenging, and asking for help when needed is vital to ensure you stay on track with your coursework. Here are some ways you can seek help:

  1. Reach Out to Your Professor: Your professors are there to support you and can provide valuable guidance when you’re struggling. Don’t hesitate to email them or attend virtual office hours to ask questions, seek clarification on the course material, or discuss any concerns. Building a relationship with your professors can also help you stay motivated and engaged in the course.
  2. Utilize Online Resources: Online courses often provide a range of resources to help you succeed, such as lecture notes, discussion forums, and virtual study groups. Take advantage of these resources to enhance your understanding of the course material and connect with other students. Additionally, online platforms like YouTube offer many educational videos and tutorials that can supplement your learning.
  3. Join a Study Group: Joining a study group in your course can provide a supportive learning environment and help you stay motivated. You can share notes, discuss course material, and give others assignment feedback. Study groups can also help you stay accountable and committed to your coursework.


By following the tips discussed in this article, such as communicating with your family, seeking help when needed, and selecting the right program, you can achieve your academic and career goals while balancing your family and work responsibilities. Remember to stay focused, stay organized, and use online resources to maximize your learning experience. With dedication and hard work, you can successfully earn your degree and advance your career while maintaining a fulfilling family and work life.

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