Music Pie Chart Thing {June} Explore Latest Feature!

This article provides an entire detail on the latest Spotify feature Music Pie Chart Thing and how to make a Pie chart. Follow our article to know further.

The most common thing about social sites is that we love listening to music, installing and sharing it. But are you aware of Spotify’s new feature? Do you know how to develop your pie chart? Then you have just come down to the right article. The news about Spotify’s new feature has gone viral in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Through this article today, we will be focusing on the new feature of Spotify and will share further detail on Music Pie Chart Thing. Follow the blog below.

All about Spotify Pie Chart:

The new feature has gained immense popularity ever since this has been introduced. The Spotify pie chart allows you to present a pie chart of your music taste. In addition, each one of them can make a pie chart of music. 

The pie chart will be divided into different parts having different colours. Then, just below the pie chart, information is given, allowing you to understand what genre the different colour means. Below the Pie chart, you will also get to see the names of various artists and their ranking depending on how many songs you have been listening to those artists.

Though it is quite an innovative feature, it does not work on other music listening platforms except Apple Music Pie Chart Maker or Deezer.

How to use the Spotify Pie chart?

Making your Pie chart is quite simple and easy. Follow the given points to understand the making of a Pie chart:

  • You need to visit Darren Huang’s Web to make your pie chart.
  • Once you visit his web portal, log in to your Spotify account through that web portal.
  • The site will ask to allow him to analyze the songs you have heard on Spotify.
  • Receiptify can be used to generate receipts for your most played music on Spotify. But it does not allow you to Receiptify Apple Music to generate the most played music from Spotify. 
  • After you have allowed the web portal, A pie chart will appear on your device showing pie chart all the songs you have been listening to, your music taste and their rankings.
  • It allows everyone to share the Pie chart on the social platform.
  • The new feature enables every person to view their taste in music and the changes in music taste throughout the year.
  • The new feature Spotify Pie chart can be modified every month by updating it.

Other Details on Spotify Music Pie Chart Thing:

The recent feature on Spotify starring Pie Chart’ is the talk of the town. It was introduced by a young student at California University named Darren Huang. He has developed an unwrapped version of Spotify, popularly known as the Spotify Pie Chart.

The Closing Statement:

The new feature starring Spotify’s pie chart is amazing. People are participating in bulk to enjoy the bulk feature. This article shares details. To know more about the Spotify Pie chart, click on this link.

This article shares every detail on the latest feature of the Spotify Music Pie Chart Thing and more about how to develop your pie chart.

Did you make your pie chart? Share your opinions.

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