Common Mistakes When Registering Domain Names and How to Avoid Them

Registering domain names is quite easy. This is a fairly simple and quick procedure. However, if a few inaccuracies are made at the first stage, the further promotion of the site may be in jeopardy.

TOP 5 mistakes when creating domains

Below we have collected for you the most common mistakes made by beginners when registering addresses.

1. Mistake #1 – GPA.

GPD, or graphically similar domains – Domainer terminology. This includes names that, when typed in uppercase Latin, resemble familiar Cyrillic words. For example: “CTPAXOBAHIE.COM” becomes “” when dialed normally, and “TECTUPOBAHUE.COM” becomes “”.

One can only imagine how long it will take to enter such an address in the search bar, we are not talking about memorability and readability at all. Sometimes such domains are still used by inertia, however, we hope that they will soon sink into oblivion.

2. Mistake No. 2 – transliterations in unknown domain zones.

The currently well-known zones are .com, .net (international), and country zones. You should also pay attention to .org, .info, .biz. In some cases, it is worth resorting to specialized options like .art for art resources, .store, .shop for online stores. Main -buy a domain name corresponding to the theme of the site.

It is better not to focus on other options.

3. Mistake No. 3 – combining English and transliteration.

This is one of the key mistakes of newbies who want to get creative. For example “AllMusic” and “all”  is an English word meaning “all”, “everything”. The idea was “All the Music ”, but it turned out rather crooked and frivolous. Any more or less knowledgeable user will understand that a serious project will never take on a similar domain. 

Most likely, such options are already taken, but this is not a reason to take deliberately failed, unattractive addresses, even if it is a very cheap domain name.

4. Mistake #4 – Long and overly complicated domains.

It is often difficult for people who are not related to the English-speaking Internet to perceive long, complex domain names in Shakespeare’s language. EgMortgageBanker (mortgage banker) in the “native” environment, such an address is quite expensive. However, in our country its analogue is unlikely to be in demand. The same applies to simple domain names consisting of at least two words (in English).

5. Mistake No. 5 – a hyphen in a domain name.

The use of a hyphen is justified if you want to show the correct spelling of the company name (d-element) or increase the uniqueness of the address. In other cases, it is better to refuse it.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact your domain name registrar. SEO-specialists of the company will help you decide on the name and suggest the optimal zone for the address. Prices for services will delight you with their democratic nature. We provide advice in case of problems.

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