Missing Boy Freeport Maine {Oct} Find What Happened!

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Missing word is always painful no matter what it is used with. Missing someone creates a full day of thought about what might have happened to that person like recently it happened with a 14-year-old boy named Theo.

Do you know about this missing incident? Have you heard about this news before? Did the police find him or not? Are you aware of what happened to him? Do you know this news is circulating widely in the United States? If yes, then read this article about Missing Boy Freeport Maine until the end.

What happened to Theo Ferrara?

Theo Ferrara was a 14-year-old boy who was missing since 22 September Thursday and was declared missing by the police on Friday. The last time Theo was seen near his home was around 4:30 pm, and after that, Theo was no coming back. He was around 5 feet and 7 inches tall, with a medium size weight near 120 pounds. The last time when seen Theo was wearing a white colour t shirt, a blue backpack, and neon colour shorts.

As per sources, police first thought Missing Boy Freeport Maine might have run away and this incident could be runny as many teenagers nowadays run away, but after inspecting the case, there was no history of Theo running away. The police officials have provided a number 207-865-4800 so that if anyone sees him or gets any information about him can contact him.

Theo was seen last time moving towards Brunswick. The missing post of Theo was shared by the freeport police through social media posts. Police dogs were used to figure out the scent of Theo Police have invested him through neighbours and friends.

School official’s action – Missing Boy Freeport Maine

School officials have posted about Theo and supported his family throughout. School officials have also postponed the dance and competitions which were going to be held in the school due to Theo.Roman, a friend of Theo, and other school students went to the police station for help. School and the members are supporting the police fully in this act and hope to see Theo soon.


Theo 14 was missing from Freeport, Maine. School officials and police were cooperating in finding him. Read this article till the end about Missing Boy Freeport Maine. For more information on Theo Ferrara click on the link .

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