Navigating the Challenges of MBA Dissertation Writing

The MBA dissertation is the FINAL BOSS that you slay. There’s no party that you can depend on or secret mythical weapons that you can use to defeat this boss. All you have is your intellect. That’s enough to navigate the challenges that you’ll invariably face when working on your paper.

Websites like MyAssignmentHelp UK provide MBA dissertation help to students who can’t seem to overcome these challenges on their own. But such services aren’t compulsory. Even if you don’t rely on a professional expert, you can easily write a stellar dissertation. Of course, you might have to put in a lot of effort. But the satisfaction of securing top grades on your own is indescribable. 

What are the Common Challenges You’ll Face?

There are plenty of reasons that compel students to seek dissertation help from professionals. From time management issues to a lack of knowledge about writing dissertations – the troubles just keep coming! But don’t worry. First, identify the major challenges that you might face.

These can include the following – 

  • Inability to choose a good dissertation topic
  • Lack of time management 
  • Poor knowledge of dissertation structure
  • Inability to find reliable sources of information
  • High plagiarism percentage in dissertation

These aren’t the only issues that you might face when writing your dissertation. But they are certainly the major ones on the list. Figure out a solution for these first before tackling minor issues.

How to Overcome Dissertation Challenges?

You don’t need a miracle to ace your MBA dissertation. All you need is discipline and practical suggestions from experienced writers about how to overcome the major issues that come your way. Continue reading to find out how you can breeze through the writing process without losing your mind along the way.

  1. Figure out your area of interest

Choosing a good dissertation topic makes things easier for you in the long run. Why torture yourself writing about something that doesn’t even interest you in the least? Instead, choose your area of interest and start reading on it. Go through the latest published works in that field to understand the trending topics that are being covered by other writers.  

  1. Come up with tactics to manage your time

Your professors won’t expect you to hand in your dissertation within a week of assigning it. You’ll get plenty of time to work on it. But if you give in to the temptation of procrastination, you’re in for a lot of trouble. 

Every day counts. Start preparing for the dissertation the moment it is assigned. Identifying your area of interest and finalising the topic for your paper is a time-consuming process. After all, there’s so much to read up on! If you get overwhelmed from the get-go, completing the task will become challenging. So, break down your entire day into small sections and focus on dedicating an hour or two every day to this task. If you try to rush the process, you’ll get overwhelmed before the hard part even begins.

You can also try following these suggestions – 

  • Work on more challenging tasks when you’re the most productive during the day.
  • Leave the more mundane and simple tasks for when you’re on low energy.
  • Come up with a schedule that is well-paced (give yourself breaks every hour or so).
  • Keep a record of the time it takes for you to complete a task.
  • Break down a complex task into more manageable bits.

If you can manage your time properly, half the issues that you might face when working on your dissertation will be solved.

  1. Review sample dissertations to familiarise yourself

A dissertation is probably one of the most complex of all academic papers. There’s a section for everything! Literature review, methodology, abstract, discussion, title page – you name it, a dissertation paper most likely has it. Now, for someone who has never written a single dissertation paper in their life, this can be quite a challenge. That’s why the best option is to go through some sample solutions.

Some reliable academic writing services publish free dissertation paper templates that simplify the structure for you. Once you go through these templates, compare them to actual dissertations. You’ll barely notice a difference. The arrangement of the sections might differ. But your professors will provide you with detailed instructions regarding that. Instead, you should focus on understanding the main purpose of each section – 

Section of the Dissertation Main Purpose
Title page Includes details like the title of the research, the institute’s name, etc.
Abstract A summary of the research
Acknowledgements A list of all those who have helped you with your research
Table of Content Overview of the entire structure, along with subsections
List of tables and figures A list of all the tables and figures that you’ve included in the paper, along with their page number
List of abbreviations Full forms of the abbreviations you’ve used
Introduction A broader focus on things covered in the abstract
Literature review A list of all sources you’ve consulted to identify research gaps
Methodology A detailed description of how you plan to conduct the research
Findings The results you’ve obtained after your research
Discussion A detailed discussion of the findings
Conclusion Your final opinion regarding the topic based on the findings
Reference List A list of all the sources you’ve used while writing
Appendices Includes surveys, transcripts, questionnaires, etc.
  1. Use free tools to avoid plagiarism

Many MBA students are under the wrong impression that they can avoid plagiarism is only restricted to academic sources. That’s not the case. Even if you’re paraphrasing someone’s Reddit post, the original creator deserves the credit. As long as you don’t miss your citations, you’re good to go! But the problem arises when you forget to keep track of the sources. So, instead of just submitting your paper with the looming risk of having forgotten to credit a few sources, just use a free plagiarism-checking tool. You’ll find plenty of such tools online that highlight all plagiarised sections in your paper and link you back to the source. Just note down the source details and include them in your paper.

In conclusion,

You’ll encounter many challenges in your journey to write a stellar MBA dissertation. But the solution lies within you. Familiarise yourself with the issues you might face and take plenty of countermeasures, so you don’t fall into the trap. Remain vigilant, and you shouldn’t have any problems securing top grades.

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