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You all have known love at first sight, but have you heard of Married at first sight? It is a popular reality tv series in Australia that features strangers who live as couples for six weeks and at last decide whether to keep or call off their relationship. There are currently nine seasons of this show.

Mafs comes up with cheating scandals every year, which juice up the show. In this article, we will discuss the Mafs Cheating Scandal 2022.

About Mafs

Mafs stands for Marriage at first sight. It is an Australian reality show which appears in different seasons every year. The show currently has 9 seasons. Ryan Potter has directed this show. It was originally released on 18 May 2015. Mafs runs for 60-90 minutes on the tv channel Nine Network.

This reality show displays the relationship of two strangers. The couple has to engage in an unofficial marriage which goes through various experiment stages for six weeks. Marriage in the show is not legal. During this unofficial Marriage, viewers can see the Mafs Cheating Scandal, making the show more enticing.

Latest about the show

Mafs is the most talked-about social experiment in Australia. The show presents various unknown people who couple up in the episodes. You can either watch it on a television channel or listen to podcasts. Season 9 would be more fun as three more couples enter the experiment shortly. In addition, this season will reveal several transpire of cheating scandals.

The latest episodes could feature Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli, Jessica Seracino and Daniel Holmes, Kate Laidlaw and Matt Ridley. Several questions about the new couples pop up in the viewer’s mind. Launching a new couple in the show always adds up curiosity and excitement to viewers.

Mafs Cheating Scandal 2022

Mafs is in vogue in 2022. The cheating scandal could be seen in the season of this marvellous show. The people who are no longer interested in their partners used to swap them or cheat on them. According to sources, the cheating scandal is heading up to the show. Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes are not happy with their matches.

Carolina, coupled with Dion Giannarelli and Daniel Holmes, who coupled up with Jessica Seracino, are not that happy with their partners and decided to stay together. Then they left and didn’t participate in the experiment. We gleaned information on Mafs Cheating Scandal 2022 and found that the contestants found Carolina the most disliked person as she cheated on Dion, who is considered the most generous man.


In 2022, the cheating scandals will be seen in the show. The couple will cheat or swap their partners. Season 9 features Dion and Caroline, Andrew and Holly, Ella and Mitch and more couples. Some contents reveal the upcoming cheating scandal.

To know more about Mafs Australia, visit this link.

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