Louis Tomlinson Heardle {April} A New Exciting Version!

To know complete details about Louis Tomlinson Heardle, read the complete article, which has all the information.

Have you played wordle game? With the increasing popularity of the Wordle game, there are different clones of this game released each day. This game is used by millions of people Worldwide. Different versions of these games are available online such as Heardle, Quordle, Worldle, Canuckle, etc. 

In this article, let us gather all the information about Louis Tomlinson Heardle, which has been in the news recently. Follow this article till the end. 

What is Heardle? 

A Wordle is available for free on the Internet. Heardle is one such version of this famous game based on music. This one is especially for music lovers. Just hear out the intro paragraph of the song and guess it. It includes World’s top heard songs to make it easy for all. Perhaps, you get to listen to that song for free once you guess it right. You also get free hints when you cannot guess the right answer. You get closer to the hints with each wrong attempt.

Louis Tomlinson Heardle

The Heardle version has also become people’s favourite because of its musical tint. All of us enjoy listening to music, don’t we? Now we have a surprise for all the one direction fans. We have another version of Heardle, which Louis Tomlinson names. You have to be a Louis Tomlinson fan to play this game. 

In this game, after hearing the Intro, you have to guess the song of Louis Tomlinson from the list. The basic criteria are to pick the right song from the list. In Louis Tomlinson Heardle, you don’t have to worry about incorrect attempts. You get to listen to the full song once you guess it correctly. 

How to play? 

This version of Heardle is slightly different from the original Wordle and Heardle. It is simple to play, and you have to follow simple steps. Below are the steps are given to play this game;

  • Start the game, click on the play button to listen to the Intro. 
  • From the songs in the Intro, there will be one song by Louis Tomlinson. 
  • You have to guess the one song of Louis from the list, which contains other songs too. 
  • If you have guessed wrong, Louis Tomlinson Heardle allows you to listen to some more parts. In this manner, incorrect or skipped attempts get you more part to listen. This makes the guessing easier. 
  • Your objective should be trying to guess the right song in minimum attempts. 

In this way, play this game with unlimited attempts in simple steps. 


Summing up all the information provided in this article, we know a handful of information about the Louis Tomlinson version. This version is innovative and enjoyable to try. We have also mentioned the steps to play this game. Have you tried it yet? If you want to try Louis Tomlinson Heardle, visit its official link. Try this game yourself  pl;k by following this link. We have mentioned the steps as well. 

Did you find the information in this article a good read? Please share your notions in the comments below. 

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