What Is Jose Aldo Net Worth 2022? What Record He Had Acquired? Is He Retire? Know His Age!

This write-up on Jose Aldo Net Worth 2022 shares the earnings and assets of a well-known Brazil-based mixed martial artist. Read to learn about it.

Are you aware of Jose Aldo belongings or earnings? Is Jose among the richest individuals? Many Jose Aldo’s fans and martial arts enthusiasts Worldwide are looking for Jose and his earnings.

The mixed martial artist Jose Aldo is always admired by many people, and they adore and enjoy watching martial arts techniques that he uses. So, let’s find out more about this martial artist and Jose Aldo Net Worth 2022 through the post below. Stay till end and grab the details.

How much does Jose Aldo earn yearly?

In combined martial arts, the well-known artist, Jose, is a global superstar. Among the most commendable and well-esteemed mixed martial combatant, Jose is known as a gaming icon and has had a victorious and profitable profession. In 2022, Jose Aldo’s net worth is predicted at 9 million USD.

Jose is the martial artist, whose retirement was announced recently. He has been striving in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He has an extremely victorious track record and competed in the featherweight division’s weight class of bantam weight for a lengthy period. Among the best Featherweight’s martial artists in the sector is Jose Aldo.

Jose Aldo Record:

The mixed martial artist José Aldo, the Brazilian-based, competes in the UFC. During the WEC/UFC merging, Jose was the inaugural UFC featherweight champion and last and the fourth WEC featherweight champion.

Jose lost in 2005 and for after about ten long years, he cracked the success in 2015. Several rewards, honors, accolades, etc., have always been obtained by Aldo. He is presently on rank- 3 in the UFC’s bantamweight category.

Aldo, among the prevalent martial artist, has always been recognized and appreciated for his performances as a mixed martial combatant. Brazil-based jitsu-jiu and certain other fighting approaches are always his weaponry. People also acknowledge Aldo among the most accomplished featherweight boxing champions since he has a prolonged successful and winning profession.

Jose Aldo Retire:

Jose is the two-time UFC featherweight winner and latest bantam weight potential candidate. He has announced his retirement from martial arts (mixed), capping 18 years of a profession that has seen him among the best fighters in the annals of combat sports, according to publications. Jose Aldo’s retirement from MMA has been announced, and he is currently not bound by the UFC contract.  

Jose Aldo’s earnings in the past five years:

  • 2017- 6.5 million USD
  • 2018- 7 million USD
  • 2019- 7.5 million USD
  • 2020- 8 million USD
  • 2021- 8.5 million USD
  • 2022- 9 million USD

Jose Aldo Age is currently 36 years, and the figures above show Jose Aldo’s growth financially due to his rising career in martial arts. The MMA competitor Jose Aldo has accomplished much in his profession and owns many real estate assets, including his home in Manaus, many properties at different places, luxury cars, and much more.


Among the popular martial artists, Jose Aldo is well-known in the sports world for using unique fighting techniques and winning many accolades and honors. You can read about Jose Aldo’s life, assets, and belongings.

Are you looking for Jose Aldo Net Worth 2022? It is 9 million USD. Share the assets you know of Jose Aldo in the comment section.

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