Jmu Softball Player Dies Cause Of Death: Linked to Heart Attack & Obituary

This article contains all the details about Jmu Softball Player Dies Cause of Death which will move you to give a thought on the value of mental health.

Are you associated with James Madison University? Or are you just a college game enthusiast? If you follow college athletics seriously, then, like all of us, you also must be shocked by the death news of Lauren Bernett. She was one of the emerging sports stars of the United States, and the college athletic community is devastated by her demise.

People are eager to learn the details about the Jmu Softball Player Dies Cause of Death. Stay tuned and find all the facts below.

The Cause of Death of Lauren Burnett

After the news of Lauren’s death came out, everybody was stunned, and many questions arose in people’s minds. The most prominent of these questions is how did this happen? The official news of Lauren’s demise was first released publicly by James Madison University. 

Jonathan Alger, the President of JMU and the university’s athletic director Jeff Bourne stated that this tragic loss devasted them, and they also conveyed their deepest condolence to the player’s family and acquaintances. However, it is unfortunate that Lauren Bernett Obituary published by the university has no mention of the cause of her death.

The only official statement regarding the cause of this tragedy comes from the Sheriff of Rockingham County, Bryan Hutcheson. As per his statement on Wednesday, the apparent cause of Lauren’s death is suicide, but it is not finalized yet as the report from the medical examiner is awaited. Only after this report, the actual cause of death can be known.

Who Was Lauren Bernett

Lauren Bernett is a renowned name in the college sports community. As per the details of Lauren Bernett cause of Death Jmu, she was a star player on the softball squad of James Madison University. Lauren was a sophomore in her college and was a catcher in the softball team. Last year she helped her team reach the top four in the College World Series. This foot was achieved for the first time in school history.

She was only 20 years of age and, as per sources, was an expert in biology. Just a day before her death news came out, she was named the player of the week by CAA.

Impact of the Tragedy

This sudden tragic incident has left everybody in shock. Many thought that Lauren Bernett Heart Attack was the cause of this tragedy because they had seen Lauren just the previous day talking with them in a completely fair and fine condition. However, as the Sheriff has given the apparent reason as suicide, the incident has reminded everyone of the importance of mental health.

Her teammates have shared fond memories with her after her death, and the university has cancelled five of its upcoming games and provided helpline numbers for the students in need of counselling.


Undoubtedly, this tragic incident is very devastating. The Jmu Softball Player Dies Cause of Death puts more weight on mental well-being. Visit here if you want more details on the cause of death of Bernett

What do think about this loss? Share your opinion on the importance of mental health in the comments.

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