Introversion Versus Social Anxiety: 5 Ways to Overcome Communication Barriers With DeLaChat

Communication plays an essential role in our lives. Everyone needs to communicate for one thing or the other and it becomes a problem if you can’t do it well or can’t even do it at all. The art of communication comes with practice over time. However, the skills of the individual also depend on their personality traits. What this means is that it can be nature or nurture.

While personalities can have something to do with it, it is important to make sure it isn’t something else, and that’s what we at DeLaChat want to help shed some light on.

Is Introversion Any Different From Social Anxiety?

Extroverts as personality types are outgoing people who love to interact and become a part of a big group, they usually have little to no problem communicating. Introverts are the ones who relatively love to spend more time with themselves or within smaller closed groups. They are reserved, shy, and introspective.

Sometimes people correlate introverted nature with social anxiety issues. However, they are on different ranges of the spectrum. Introversion is the personality trait of the individual. Social anxiety is a condition where social interaction raises irrational feelings among individuals. Individuals dealing with social anxiety are fearful of social interactions. It implies that introversion and social anxiety are not the same. It is also a myth that only people with introverted nature suffer from social anxiety — both introverts and extroverts can have social anxiety. 

As it is clear from above, our personality impacts our communication behavior, which affects our success. Therefore, it is essential to hone your commutation with practice and time. 

What’s The Best Way To Start Communicating For Introverts?

Online communication may be the best solution for those wanting to develop their social interaction skills. Communication platforms, such as DeLaChat, are coming to the rescue. You don’t want to develop social anxiety, of course.

DeLaChat is a global networking and chatting platform where people come together to establish genuine connections, overcome social interaction issues, and unleash the power of communication. We would like to believe that DeLaChat was suitably built to help introverts get engaged and in a good place.

5 Ways DeLaChat Supports Introverts

1. Worldwide Friendships

Sometimes, all an introvert really needs are solid friends, someone to talk to and discuss the different aspects of life, most especially someone with common interests. With the algorithm on DeLaChat, it is a great place to achieve this.

Introverts get to meet with like-minded people who they do not have to do much to become friends with, and we know with friends most things are better. DeLaChat also offers friends with uniqueness as you get to make friends with people from different cultures and nations, there’s always something to talk about all while sitting in the comfort of your own home. For people with social anxiety, DeLaChat is a welcoming space to enjoy global friendships without feeling intimidated and stressed over communication.

2. Authenticity is Welcomed

DeLaChat promotes authenticity so much. It looks out for people to be their real selves. On DeLaChat, the community is a non-discriminating and accepting one. This is what introverts need most of the time. Many introverts find it difficult to be accepted, so a platform like this is just what they need. And such friends they make on the platform are an asset to their lives.

Authentic connections are like an oasis in the desert. They help introverted individuals and people with social anxiety issues engage in meaningful discussions. Effectively communicating on the platform helps deal with anxiety and stress issues as we can speak our hearts out without fear of being judged.

3. Self-expression is Preserved 

Some introverts think they are too weird to engage with others. This is a feeling that would be dampened down if they had a DeLaChat account. Self-expression is very much welcomed on DeLaChat which basically allows introverts to be themselves and feel happy.

Expressing your emotions and venting out declutters your mind and brings peace. Establishing and practicing communication over time helps you feel worthy of living and having friends. With such a feeling, you can settle fine.

4. Practice Communication Skills 

Thousands of people register on the DeLaChat platform from every nook and corner of the world. There is a lot an individual can learn there — from talking with natives in their language to improving their language skills and communication skills. With constant chatting, introverts get better at communicating, and you can find the right people in the right amounts on DeLaChat.

5. Gain New Perspective

On DeLaChat, you meet people from different places globally with different cultures, and belief systems, who bring their unique perspectives along with them. It helps other individuals communicate, adding a fresh way to their thinking. It adds a new dimension to your personality. You become a more knowledgeable person and this builds your confidence. For some introverts, confidence is their missing link.

Should you join DeLaChat?

As an introvert reading this article, you should already be signing up. Not many communication platforms look out for their users and strive to make them better people. This makes DeLaChat pretty admirable and is a reason why you should go for the opportunity of improving yourself.

Being an introvert is not bad, but not enjoying it is. You can remain in your shell but still have memorable engagements and learn so much. Joining DeLaChat is one way to do all this right from the comfort of your room. 

While social anxiety calls for the attention of a skilled expert who can help establish healthier social behavior, DeLaChat offers a space for all people to practice communication skills and learn new things. So, yes, you should join DeLaChat.

Notice that this article is not professional advice and shouldn’t be used to treat any conditions.

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