Insurance Adjuster Vs. A Lawyer: Who Should You Trust?

Many victims are confused about navigating the aftermath of an accident. The wrong decisions they make result in damaging their case a lot. This is why learning about personal injury law is important.

Even if you think you are being safe, it doesn’t hurt to learn about personal injury law. Visit websites like to learn about personal injury law and how it helps victims.

One aspect that seems to confuse many victims is whether to trust an insurance adjuster or an attorney.

This question arises because of how well insurance adjusters behave with victims. However, the truth is that it is all an act.

This blog post discusses who victims should trust after an accident. Read on.

Who works for you?

An insurance adjuster is a person who is appointed by the insurance company. A lawyer is a person who is hired by you.

So it is obvious that the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, and the attorney works for you. It may seem like the insurance adjusters are working with your best interests in mind. It is because they are trained to look that way. But in reality, they are just working against you.

Lawyer – 1

Insurance adjuster – 0

What’s their goal?

Both individuals have a goal. The insurance adjuster’s goal is to either reject or reduce the compensation as much as possible. They do this because that’s how they get incentives and other benefits.

A personal injury lawyer who works on a contingency fee arrangement gets paid only if they win the case. They get a portion of your settlement as their fee. So winning your case is their ultimate goal.

Lawyer – 2

Insurance adjuster – 0

Quick settlement

The insurance adjuster and the lawyer both want to get you the settlement as soon as possible, but for different reasons.

The insurance adjuster wants you to settle quickly because they don’t want to give you time to calculate all your losses. In fact, offering a quick settlement is a trick insurance adjusters use to lowball victims.

Lawyers want to settle quickly because you have to settle your bills. However, they will not settle unless the offer made by the insurance company is fair.

Lawyer – 3

Insurance adjuster – 0


Communication is important when it comes to personal injury claims. Insurance adjusters will communicate well until a point. When the case is about to reach the settlement phase, suddenly you won’t be able to find them.

They will try to delay your claim. Their plan is to make you give up on the claim.

A lawyer will always communicate well with you. They will constantly update you on the case.

Lawyer – 4

Insurance adjuster – 0

Damage calculation

Both parties will conduct an investigation and calculate your losses. When calculating damages the insurance adjuster will conveniently leave out the non-economic losses you have suffered.

They will also try to ignore your future losses. Victims won’t realize that the adjuster is doing this since they don’t know how to calculate the true worth of their case.

A lawyer will not leave out any type of damage when calculating losses. They have the expertise to calculate non-economic losses. They will also consider the future losses.

Lawyer – 5

Insurance adjuster – 0

Final thoughts

Personal injury lawyers win the battle with a score of 5-0. Insurance adjusters are never trustworthy, even if they seem to be friendly. Their loyalty is to their company. So, if you have been hurt in an accident, it is best to hire a lawyer and let them handle the insurance adjuster.

Lawyers are trustworthy, unlike insurance adjusters. Remember that insurance adjusters are also skilled, so hire a lawyer who has the skills to handle them.

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