Instagram Gift Shop Link (Feb) Stay Alert & Avoid Scam!

The guide shares details about the new Instagram Gift Shop Link scam to update the worldwide users. 

Everyone loves surprises and gifts, and when it comes for free, we all prefer having them, no matter what the methods are. Recently, some hackers have targeted Instagram users to steal their passwords and information. The hackers promise to offer gifts if the users click on a suspicious link and share details. 

The Gift Shop Instagram Scam has been hurtling around the application and targeting Worldwide users by promising gifts and then stealing their data and passwords.  

The hackers send Instagram Gift Shop Link and urge people to click on it to claim the gifts.   

What is the Instagram Gift Shop Scam Link?

Instagram Gift Shop Scam Link is the suspicious link that hackers spread across the platform to do scams with Worldwide users. Many users of Instagram are getting messages and DM from suspicious IDs that claim to be from their friends.

The hackers are sending messages with suspicious links, promising to provide gifts, and then stealing their information and passwords. Hackers send scam messages and urge the recipients to click on the link to claim the gifts. But they intend to hack their account and passwords. 

How are Hackers Sending Gift Shop Buzz Link Instagram?

The Gift Shop Instagram Scam has been around the application for some time, but it is trending currently when thousands of users are being targeted by hackers on the platform. 

The Instagram Gift Shop Scam starts with the suspicious link hackers are sending via messages, pretending to be from a friend. In the message, the hacker pretends to be the recipient’s friend and claims that they are working on something and sending a link ( that includes terms like Buzz and Giftshop, different numbers, and the recipient’s name. 

When the recipient clicks on the Instagram Gift Shop Link, they are urged to log in to their Instagram account to verify. It claims that after verification, they can claim their gifts. But, after completing the verification, no gift is provided; instead, the hackers steal the password, and the recipient is redirected to online gambling websites. 

How to Prevent the Scam?

After accessing the password, the hackers start sending the same scam messages to the friend list. Your friend will receive the same DMs that promise to offer gifts, and when they continue the verification, the passwords are stolen, and they are redirected to 3rd part websites. But, you can prevent Gift Shop Buzz Link Instagram scam by following the below steps.

  • Never enter the password on third party websites not associated with Instagram.
  • If you accidentally enter the password, don’t panic. You have to change the password immediately by heading to your Instagram profile. 
  • Besides, users can turn on two-factor authentication from the security page. 

How Are People Reacting to the Scam?

After evaluating, we found people discussing the scam on the discussion forum. People are asking about the scam and the solution to avoid it. 

It has been proved from the discussion forum that hackers target many people.


Since you know the Instagram Gift Shop Link scam, you must pay attention when using your account. Besides, never share your password on third party website or click on any dubious or doubtful links. Moreover, always stay equipped with tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.

Are you being targeted by the Gift Shop Link Scam? Please, share how you reported the scam in the comment section. 

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